The department is active in many research areas.  Students are involved in most of the projects.  Below are the major projects currently underway.

Partial differential equations.     Education.       Algebra and Combinatorics.     Materials.

Algebra, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Topology, and Game Theory

Faculty:  Dr. J.P. Cossey, Dr. Stefan Forcey, Dr. Jeffrey Riedl, Dr. Hung Ngoc Nguyen

A 2-decomposable braid in the second lower central subgroup of the pure braid group.

Mathematics of Materials

Faculty: Dr. Curtis Clemons, Dr. Dmitry Golovaty, Dr. Kevin Kreider (emeritus), Dr. Patrick Wilber, Dr. Joseph Wilder, Dr. Gerald Young (emeritus)




Award for Best Paper

Presented at NACE DoD Corrosion Conference 2015

Pitting Corrosion Risk Assessment Models Using Markov Analysis

Curtis Clemons,
Kevin Kreider
and Gerald Young ( Department of Mathematics)
Nao Mimoto (Department of Statistics)
and Patrick Sullivan (West Point)

Graphene and Carbon Nanotubes


Fuel Cells


Analysis, PDEs, Dynamical systems

Faculty: Dr. Curtis Clemons, Dr. Dmitry Golovaty, Dr Patrick Wilber

Education in Mathematics

Faculty: Dr. Ali Hajjafar (emeritus), Dr. Antonio Quesada (emeritus), Dr. Linda Saliga, Dr. Ethel Wheland