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    Upcoming DNP Weekend Intensive Dates


Fall 2023

October 21 2023

NURS: 705 Clinical Scholar I ( in person)

NURS: 708 DNP Project I (online asynchronous)

October 22nd 2023 

NURS: 713 Advanced Leadership in Healthcare (in person)

NURS: 700 Information Management in Healthcare (online synchronous)

Spring 2024

January 20th 2024 

NURS: 706  Clinical Scholar II ( In person) 

NURS: 848: AMNR: Program Evaluation in Nursing ( online  synchronous)

January 21st 2024

NURS: 710 Advanced Healthcare Statistics ( online synchronous)

NURS: 708 DNP Project I ( online asynchronous) 

NURS: 707 Clinical Scholar Residency (online asynchronous)

March 9th 2024

NURS: 710 Advanced Healthcare Statistics ( online synchronous)

NURS: 708 DNP Project I ( online asynchronous)

NURS: 707 Clinical Scholar Residency ( online asynchronous)

March 10th 2024

NURS: 706 Clinical Scholar II ( in person)

NURS: 848 AMNR :Program Evaluation in Nursing  ( online synchronous)

June 15th 2024

NURS: 714  Synthesis and Application of Evidence for Advanced Practice Nurses ( in person)

NURS: 712 Fiscal Management in Healthcare (online synchronous)

June 16th 2024

NURS: 715 fundamentals of Public Heath Epidemiology ( online synchronous)

July 20th 2024

NURS: 715 Fundamentals of Public Health Epidemiology ( online synchronous)

July 21st 2024

NURS:712 Fiscal Management in Healthcare ( online synchronous)

NURS: 714 Synthesis and Application of Evidence for Advanced Practice Nurses ( in person) 


This post-master’s program is available to:

  • Nurses with a master’s degree in nursing with an advanced practice focus from an accredited university. Admission criteria are available in The University of Akron Graduate Bulletin

This hybrid program is a blend of intensive face to face, intensive synchronous, and/or asynchronous learning modalities that are determined based on the course/content/semester. Students can complete the program in two years of study.

The University of Akron has a long tradition of being home to one of Ohio’s top ranked programs of nursing. One of the particular strengths of our DNP program is that  the courses at The University of Akron are taught by a complimentary blend of DNP and PhD prepared faculty, thus offering the student exposure to the best of both clinical/professional and academic/research scholarship. 

See the DNP program handbook for the curriculum and other information.

DNP Project Committee Designation and Approvals Form

Program Outcomes

  • Use appropriate theories and concepts to identify health-related phenomena of interest
  • Design and deliver interventions that can withstand scientific analysis
  • Evaluate health care delivery and nursing practices using sound evaluation principles
  • Use evaluation and other methods to account for quality of care and patient safety for focus populations
  • Critically appraise and/or use sources informing best evidence, i.e. epidemiology, statistics, health data, and/or methodologies
  • Deliver and evaluate care processes and outcomes based on best evidence
  • Analyze and define critical choices among health care technologies and information systems toward the betterment of care processes and outcomes
  • Understand the dynamics of health care policy and financing at the organizational and national levels
  • Provide or assist in the leadership of collaborative, inter-professional teams in health care delivery

Accredited program

The Doctor of Nursing Practice program at the University of Akron is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) One Dupont Circle NW, Suite 530, Washington, DC 20036-1120. Phone: 202-887-6791;

Doctor of Nursing Practice

Mary Gladwin Hall
209 Carroll Street
Akron, Ohio 44325-3701

Associate Dean College of Health and Human Sciences / Executive Director, School of Nursing
Timothy Meyers

Program Coordinator
Linda Shanks

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