About the Department of Physics

The Physics Department of the University of Akron consists of five full-time faculty members teaching a range of courses for students studying in other fields.

In collaboration with the Department of Chemistry, the Department of Physics offers a chemical physics option as part of the chemistry Ph.D. program. Students may also pursue PhDs in Polymer Physics or Polymer Engineering under the supervision of physics faculty with joint appointments in those departments.

Our Faculty

•    are innovative
•    use interactive teaching methods
•    encourage students to participate in faculty research projects

All of our faculty have grant-supported research and actively involve students in their research projects. We pay particular attention to undergraduates and try to involve students in research as soon as possible so they can gain valuable experience. Several of our faculty have joint appointments in Ph.D.-granting departments whose research interests overlap with ours. This offers considerable scope for interdisciplinary research. Departments include chemistry, polymer science, polymer engineering, and UA's Integrated Biology Ph.D. program.