Physics Scholarships

The department of physics has several scholarship opportunities for physics students and welcomes applications from declared physics majors. Please see below for descriptions of our scholarships. We are proud to say that several of these scholarships were created by generous donations from Akron U physics alumni.

Scholarships are awarded on the basis of academic performance and financial need. The scholarships are renewable annually for the duration of the students’ undergraduate degree program contingent upon an appropriately high standard of performance. To apply for a scholarship, students must submit a one-page summary explaining why they wish to be considered for the scholarship. Application due dates are February 1 (for Spring) and September 15 (for Fall). Applications, requests for information on which of the scholarship funds are currently available, and any other questions related to scholarships should be submitted to Lynne Suponcic, Physics Department, The University of Akron.

The Department of Physics also confers annual one-time cash awards on physics majors and graduate students whose performance in the areas of academic achievement, teaching, and research is judged to be exceptional. Candidates for these annual “Householder” awards (see below) are nominated by physics faculty members and award recipients are determined by an assessment of their performance by the Department of Physics.