The Gary M. Harris Physics Scholarship

The Gary M. Harris Physics Scholarship was created by Gary M. Harris (Arts and Sciences - 1968) to assist outstanding undergraduate students who are majoring in Physics. Mr. Harris attended The University of Akron in the evenings and during summers, working full-time to pay for his education. He has had a life-long fascination with Physics and entered his college studies at a time when Quantum Mechanics was a new facet of the science just being explored. His current interest area is Cosmology. He completed his B.S. in 1968 and his M.S. in 1971. Mr. Harris has enjoyed a successful career at companies such as B&W, Goodyear Aerospace and Xerox. Mr. Harris, who is currently Director of Mergers and Acquisitions for Adobe Systems, credits his education in Physics with his ability to think analytically and to quickly understand a broad range of technologies. These skills have served him well in his career.