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Akron Regional Science Olympiad

March 12, 2022

Akron Regional Science Olympiad

Updated 02/01/17


Student teams should not receive any external assistance during the time they are testing/performing/running_devices.

The goal of Science Olympiad is learning, and the supervisor is encouraged to offer advice, tips and encouragement to the student competitors.

Learning to "Advocate for Yourself" is an important part of learning. Supervisors should help students practice self-advocating by carefully listening to the students, asking clarifying questions, and helping them communicate.

  • For instance: "Please point out the part of the rules that support your statement"

If the supervisor and the students cannot resolve the issue, students may contact their LEAD coach, and the lead coach may help them advocate with the event supervisor. Lead Coaches have official name-tags.

Supervisors (and/or Lead Coaches) may also contact the tournament director, especially if the students were correct and the event is found to be non-compliant with the written rules. (Let’s get everything worked out sooner, rather than later.)

  • If the dispute involves materials or devices, the student must leave the device with the supervisor.

Supervisors have no obligation to engage with any other individuals, beside competing students and their lead coach.

Your coach-packet will contain the following poster cards, which you are welcome to post at your event.

  • Building events will receive multiple copies, which you are encouraged to present to any non-student, non-lead-coach attempting to "help" or advise in any way.

If the supervisor wishes, after the student completes the testing/performing/running, s/he may briefly answer one or a few respectful questions from a non-participant, with the goal of facilitating learning and student success.

Supervisors are encouraged to call the tournament director, using the cell number in the supervisor packet, for any reason!

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