Buchtel Hall, on the University of Akron campus

Office of the President

Dr. John C. Green, Interim President

State of the University Address

With its 150th anniversary as a rallying point, UA will harness its many strengths and opportunities to create a bright new future, said Interim President Dr. John C. Green at the 2019 State of the University Address in January.

Dr. John Green, interim president of The University of Akron

Green said the recently completed three-year action plans developed by all campus units have set a path forward for the institution by establishing four top priorities:

  • increase student success;
  • emphasize academic distinctiveness;
  • generate additional revenue; and
  • continue to improve efficiency and effectiveness.

“The state of the University of Akron is in transition, as it has been for some time,” Green said. “But the fundamental changes that have occurred as a result of our collective actions during the last six months are making it a purposeful transition.” He noted that the University is conducting a national search for a new president, and Green said that the plan and process now in place will help attract quality candidates to that search.

“We cannot and should not try to be all things to all people. What we can and should do is to see to it that The University of Akron makes a special contribution to the world by doing what we do best, and doing it better than anyone else.”

Green concluded his remarks by saying, “I have no doubt whatsoever that The University of Akron will be vibrant 150 years from now…and I believe our future is bright.”


More about Dr. John Green
The search for our 18th president

The Board of Trustees of The University of Akron has begun its search for the University’s 18th president. We seek an experienced leader with a record of outstanding and innovative leadership. The successful candidate will be committed to accomplishing the University’s goals by inspiring and empowering administrators, faculty and staff in the service of a diverse population of students, while engaging the community at large.

We invite your input on the qualities and experiences desired in our next president.

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