Employment opportunities

Residence Life and Housing employs more than 300 students each year in temporary and part-time positions. Working for us offers:

  • Locations across campus
  • Hours to fit busy schedules
  • Convenience … work where you live!
  • Skill development
  • Opportunities to advance
  • Ways to build your resume
  • The chance to develop lifelong friendships

Open Positions for students

You are encouraged to learn more about these positions, if you are interested in applying, more information can be found in the My Housing portal.

Community Assistant positions are held by both graduate and undergraduate students. Community Assistants are members of the Department of Residence Life and Housing eligible to be compensated hourly for working at any of the Department's nine Service Desks. Community Assistants report directly to the Desk Manager for the Service Desk(s) they are assigned to. Therefore, Community Assistants assigned to multiple desks would report to multiple Desk Managers. Community Assistants are available at the Service desks to assist students and staff as well as any visitors.

The resident assistant is primarily responsible for providing a safe, secure, and educational living environment conducive to the academic and personal development of the student.

The RA is also responsible for creating a community within the residence halls that encourages students to develop themselves intellectually, emotionally, socially, physically, vocationally, and spiritually. It is a job which requires a substantial amount of time and restructuring of personal priorities. Residence hall staff members develop a high level of leadership ability and independent personal growth.

See more information about our RA application timeline, requirements, and applications.

Desk Managers supervise the Community Assistants who work the service desks and also serve as student assistants in the main housing office.

The Summer Staff exists for the purpose of supporting the Summer Housing/Conference Program.

Students in this role live on campus for free during the summer.