Residence Hall Handbook


Binding Agreement

When accepted by the Department of Residence Life and Housing, the Housing Accommodations Contract is a binding agreement between the student and The University of Akron for the entire academic year. (In the case of a minor student, the agreement is between the student’s parents or guardian and the University.) This agreement provides for a space in The University of Akron housing system, not a particular room or building.

The room rates are generally established each spring for the following academic year and represent the minimum amount of monies needed to operate the residence halls. As a result, it must be understood that a student who has signed a contract for any period will be held financially responsible for that period of the contract. The University will not release the student from any of the Contract conditions except as outlined in the refund and forfeiture policy.


Students are required to submit a $150 prepayment when the contract is submitted to the University.  This prepayment is only refundable to new entering, transfer, and graduate students when a completed cancellation form is received prior to May 15 for the following fall semester and October 15 for contracts initiated for the spring semester.

Residential Eligibility/Disclosure of Criminal History

A housing contract will only be accepted from person who has been admitted to the university and has paid the confirmation fee. Post-secondary students are not eligible to reside on campus.

All students applying to reside in The University of Akron residence halls or apartments are required to disclose if they have been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor crime. Students with a plea of guilty to, a finding of guilty by a referee, jury or court, or a conviction of the following may disqualify him or her from residing on-campus: a felony; a sexual offense, as defined in chapter 2907 of the Ohio Revised Code; an offense of violence, as defined in section 2901.01 (A) (9) (a) of the Ohio Revised Code; a theft offense, as defined in section 2913.01 (K) of the Ohio Revised Code; and substantially comparable conduct to offenses listed above in a jurisdiction outside of the state of Ohio.

First-Year Student Residential Requirement

First year students are required to reside in University residence halls for the duration of their first academic year, as space permits, unless they qualify for one of the following exemptions:

  1. Permanent home residence with parents or legal guardians who reside in Summit, Portage, Stark, Medina, or Wayne counties
  2. Twenty-one years of age or older when beginning freshman year
  3. Registered for fewer than 6 credit hours
  4. Active military experience of 1+ years (DD-214 discharge documentation required)*
  5. Married (proof of marriage required)*
  6. Student is parent with custodial care responsibilities (proof of custody care required)*
  7. Permanent home residence of parents or legal guardians who reside outside Medina, Portage, Stark, Summit, or Wayne counties and such residence is 25 miles or fewer from main campus (302 E. Buchtel Ave, Akron, OH 44325)*
  8. Demonstrates acceptable extenuating circumstances*

*A formal petition and applicable third party documentation is required for requests to be reviewed.

Student Exemption requests may be submitted through a student's MyHousing portal.



The Office of Accessibility works with the Department of Residence Life and Housing to provide housing accommodations for students with disabilities. Students requesting disability-related housing accommodations including assistance animals must register with the Office of Accessibility and renew their request for housing accommodations with the Office of Accessibility  each academic year. Eligibility for disability-related housing accommodations is determined on a case-by-case basis.

In order to be considered for housing accommodations will need to register with our Office of Accessibility using their online form:

They will most likely ask for you to have a doctor complete this form:


Refund and Forfeiture Policy

A full refund of paid room fees including the $150 prepayment will be made under the following circumstances:

  • Graduation of the student from UA
  • Academic dismissal of the student from UA
  • Mandatory or recommended participation in academic programs of The University of Akron requiring the student to commute regularly beyond the Akron metropolitan area (e.g. student teaching or co-op assignments). Documentation is required at the time of cancellation.
  • Non-attendance or complete withdrawal by the student from UA prior to the start of the contract term (except $150 prepayment which will be forfeited, unless prior to May 15 for fall semester and October 15 for spring semester only contracts submitted by new entering, transfer or graduate students).

Once occupancy has been established (i.e. acceptance of room keys and signing of occupancy document) and the student remains enrolled at UA, the student must petition for contract release and the Student will only be released if able to demonstrate extenuating circumstances.

If the student is released from the contract, either by petition or non-enrollment for the then current term, the student will be subject to the refund policy for housing.

A student will not receive any refund of housing fees if the university terminates the student’s contract for disciplinary reasons.

Notice Requirements

Notice of intent to cancel the housing contract must be submitted in writing through a student's MyHousing Portal. If the student is under 18, the notice must be co-signed by a parent or legal guardian.

No Show Policy

The Department of Residence Life and Housing will hold a student’s assignment until close of business on the Wednesday of the first week of classes each semester.  At that time, the room will be reassigned and the student’s contract cancelled.


The University of Akron residence halls will remain open during Thanksgiving Break as well as during Spring Break.  Residence Life and Housing and other University services, including staffing levels, may be limited during these periods.

University residence halls will close during the winter recess.  Students may leave their possessions in the student’s room during winter break, however, the University is not responsible for any loss or damage.  The University does reserve the right, with notice, to a require a student be vacated completely during the break period for maintenance reasons. 

Athletes, international students or other students demonstrating extenuating circumstances may make specific requests for winter break housing which will be considered on a case by case basis. Forms to request break housing will be posted on the MyHousing Portal and must be completed by the given deadline.

Some scheduled maintenance work is conducted in residence halls and student rooms during break periods to minimize disruption to students. Instructions will be provided to students prior to breaks indicating how to prepare their rooms for prolonged absences or ongoing maintenance.

Residence Hall and University Rules

All students who live in University residence halls are expected to balance personal responsibility and personal freedoms with the responsibilities and obligations of living in a community environment.

We encourage you to review the terms and conditions of your Housing Contract, The Code of Student Conduct and all residence hall policies frequently. By living in residence halls at the University of Akron you have agreed to live in accordance with these rules.

Check-out Process

Students must vacate and remove personal property within 24 hours after withdrawal from the University or termination of the housing contract by approved petition for release or university cancellation due to disciplinary reasons. 

To complete the official check out process for your residence hall you, you must:

Option 1

1.) Schedule a check out time with an RA in your building or complex.

2.) Complete forwarding address information at  A fee may be charged for the online service.

3.) Return all room and mailbox keys.

Option 2

For your convenience we also have express check-out available that allows you to place your key in an express check out envelope and turn it in to the service desk. This option gives you the flexibility to still check out properly. You will still need to complete forwarding address information at

Failure to complete one or the other option will result in a fee assessment for improper checkout.

Damages and Billing

The student agrees to use due care in the use of the assigned living unit, furniture and appliances. Charges for cleaning, replacing keys, repairing damages, or replacing any loss to University property due to lack of care on the part of the student(s) and/or guests will be billed to the resident(s) responsible for damages and/or charges. If the damage and/or charges cannot be attributed to an individual resident, that amount will be appropriately divided and charged to each individual resident of the room or apartment.

Each resident is provided an opportunity to note the condition of his or her residence hall room when they check in at the beginning of the academic year or when they move into a residence hall room. This information can be compared with condition of the room when students check out of the room to ensure students are only charged for damages for which they are responsible.

If charges are assessed, billing invoices are sent to the home address listed on a student’s contract for the end-of-year billing. You have 30 days from the date of the invoice to dispute/appeal, in writing, any charges incurred as indicated on each invoice.

Room Entry

University officials have the right to enter university owned and operated residence halls for purposes of inspecting for cleanliness, orderliness and safety, to perform maintenance, and to administer university regulations.  Evidence of violations of The Code of Student Conduct obtained as a result of this entry, may be used in disciplinary proceedings.  In cases involving suspicion of misconduct, as defined in The Code of Student Conduct, except in health, welfare and safety emergencies, student premises and possessions shall not be searched without first obtaining proper authorization from the  director or his or her designee.  Notwithstanding the foregoing, The University of Akron Police Department  has the right to enter property, subject to the normal requirements of applicable policy and law.

To secure university property as well as student belongings University personnel or emergency personnel may enter a room in the event of a residence hall fire, flooding or facilities incident.

Meal Plan Requirement

All residents, except those living in the apartments in Exchange Street Residence Hall with full kitchens, are required to have a dining plan. See details.