Refund/release and forfeiture policy. A refund of paid housing accommodations fees, including Prepayment, will be paid in the following situations:

A. A full refund of paid room fees and the Prepayment under the following circumstances:

  1. Graduation of the Student from The University of Akron;
  2. Academic dismissal of the Student from The University of Akron;
  3. Non-attendance or complete withdrawal by the Student from The University of Akron prior to the start of the Contract term (except Prepayment which shall be forfeited). Prepayment will be refunded for new entering, transfer and graduate students when notification of intent to break Contract is received prior to the fifteenth of May for the following fall semester and the fifteenth of October for Contracts initiated for spring semester; or
  4. 4. Mandatory or recommended participation in academic programs of The University of Akron requiring the Student to commute regularly beyond the Akron metropolitan area (e.g., student teaching or co-op assignments). Documentation from the University department affiliated with the program is required at the time of cancellation.

B. A partial refund of paid room fees, except Prepayment, once occupancy has been established (e.g., acceptance of room keys and/or signing occupancy document) will be prorated beginning on the date Student officially surrenders use of University housing and returns all appropriate keys (room and apartment keys) to University staff and satisfies University‑mandated housing separation requirements and procedures under the following circumstances:

  1. Cancellation of the entire Contract period after the start of the fall semester; or
  2. Cancellation of a single semester Contract after the start of that semester.

C. A partial refund of paid room fees when the Student has fulfilled fall semester obligations and breaches the Contract for spring semester, except when under any dismissal or suspension. The Student shall pay, as an administrative fee for breach of the terms of the Contract, an amount of $200.00.

D. A student shall remain responsible for the full cost of the then-current residence hall contract term if the University, in its sole discretion, terminates the Contract:

  1. For reasons related to the orderly operation of the residence halls, or for reasons relating to the health, physical or emotional safety and well-being of the persons or property of students, faculty, staff, or University property.
  2. If the Student is dismissed or suspended from the University for disciplinary reasons in accordance with law or the rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, or, if Student is placed on terms of disciplinary suspension or probation or is otherwise dismissed or suspended from the residence halls through the student judicial process, in accordance with laws or rules and regulations of the Board of Trustees, whereby such terms of probation prohibit the Student from residing in University housing accommodations.
  3. In the event Student has misrepresented or purposefully omitted any fact on the Contract, specifically as it relates to the report of crime committed by the Student prior to the submission of the Contract. Failure to report may result in the current Contract cancellation and denial of any future Contract submission. The Student is required to report any convictions which fall under 1-D of the Contract Conditions that may occur while the Student maintains an active Contract with the University.

E. Contract cancellations for a current semester received after the 12th week of that semester will be assessed the full semester fees.

F. Student is financially responsible for fees incurred through the date of Contract cancellation or until Student has completed the check-out process with the appropriate University employee, whichever date is later.

G. Notice requirements. All notices of intent to break this Contract must be submitted to the Department of Residence Life and Housing. If the Student is under the age of 18, the written notification of termination must be co-signed by the Student’s parent or legal guardian.