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Mary E. Triece

The Akron Series in Poetry was founded to bring to the public writers who speak in original and compelling voices. Each year, The University of Akron Press offers the Akron Poetry Prize, a competition open to all poets writing in English. The winning poet receives $1,500 and publication of his, her, or their book. The final selection will be made by a nationally prominent poet. 

The Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics publishes scholarship on trends in contemporary poetry from the U.S. and around the world, with a particular interest in innovation. Books in this series have strong appeal for working writers, independent scholars, cultural critics, literature enthusiasts, academics in numerous types of institutions, and beginning writers who wish to learn more about contemporary poetry. Akron Series in Contemporary Poetics titles are ideal for course adoption in creative writing and literature classrooms at multiple levels.

The Bliss Institute Series (formerly the Series on Ohio Politics) focuses on Ohio politics, including elections, government institutions, issues, and political figures. While some of the books are contemporary in focus, others are more historical, covering events and personalities of the twentieth century.

Center for the History of Psychology Series The Center for the History of Psychology Series is a unique collaboration between the University of Akron Press and the Cummings Center for the History of Psychology (CCHP). The main focus of the series is publishing historically significant primary sources in book form. 

Series on Ohio History and Culture brings vivid stories of Ohio's past and present, written for a general audience but supported by serious scholarship. From riverboats in Cincinnati to the rubber factories of Akron, from the glacial formation of the landscape to the brawny beginnings of professional football, these books cover a variety of topics concerning the Buckeye State.