Yohann Mauger, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor of Practice
Dept/Program: Department of Management
Office: CBA 334
Phone: (330) 972-6371

Professional & Academic Experience


Ph.D., Management - NEOMA/ICN/KEDGE Business School Consortium (ECRICOME) (AACSB), Paris, France (2016)
Area of research: Organizational Behavior / Human Resources / Management
Dissertation: Organization attractiveness: How do job seekers evaluate the signals sent by companies during the recruitment process?

Diplôme Sup de Co, International Business (2006)
Ecole Supérieure de Commerce (ESC), Rennes, France

M.B.A., International Business (2005)
University of Akron, Ohio

B.A., International Business
Open University, England in conjunction with ESC Rennes, France (2004) Study Abroad Experience, University of Akron, Ohio (2003 - 2004)


Mauger, Y., "What are job seekers attracted to? A ranking of attributes influencing the intention to apply for three categories of job seekers. " under review Journal of Vocational Behavior
Mauger, Y., "Organization attractiveness: How do situational contexts influence job seekers' evaluation of the signals sent by companies during the recruitment process?" under review Journal of Business and Psychology

Conference Presentation

Mauger, Y., Wasieleski D., "Understanding the impact of personality on the evaluation of the signals sent by companies during the recruitment process, "Academy of Management, Annual Meeting in Anaheim, (2016)
Mauger, Y., "What are job seekers attracted to? A ranking of attributes influencing the intention to apply for three categories of job seekers. "Brown Bag Event, The University of Akron, I/O Psychology Department, (2016)

Research in Progress

Mauger, Y., Mukherjee, D., "Talent development of men's soccer players: A comparison between the US system and the rest of the world." under preparation for submission to Business Horizon.
Mauger, Y., Wasieleski, D., “Examining personal values and attributes preferences among job seekers” under preparation for submission to Personnel Psychology.
Mauger, Y., “New entrants, unemployed job seekers and already employed job seekers, do they perceive job opportunities the same way?” under preparation for submission to Journal of Vocational Behavior.

Professional Teaching Experience

The University of Akron, OH, USA (2016 - Present)
Associate Professor of Practice
International Management
Strategic Management
Principles of Management

Université de Rouen, IUT Tech de Co, Evreux, France (2010 - 2016)
Instructor (2010-2014), Associate Professor (2015 - Present)
International Business
Project Management and Business Case Studies
Human Resource Management
Interpersonal Relationships in the Workplace

Ecole de Commerce et de la Distribution, Le Havre, France (2007 - 2015)
Visiting Lecturer (Undergraduate)
Strategic Marketing
Market Research

Seminar Teaching Experience

KEDGE Business School, Bordeaux, France (2017)
How to deal with multiculturalism in France, Europe and the rest of the world?

NEOMA Business School, Rouen and Reims, France (2016 - Present)
Project Management seminar

Academic Conference Participation

Session Chair, "An Eclectic Blend of Ideas", Academy of Management, Annual Meeting, Vancouver, Canada, (2015).
Reviewer, Academy of International Business, Annual Meeting, Dubai, UAE, (2017)

Extracurricular University Service

Member of the scholarship commission, The University of Akron. (2016 - Present)
Faculty advisor for student organization, Men's soccer club, The University of Akron. (2016 - Present)
Scout, Men's soccer teams, The University of Akron and The University of Louisville. (2012 - Present)
Faculty advisor for student internships program, Université de Rouen, Evreux. (2007 - 2015)

Relevant Non-Academic Experience

Management Consultant, Self-employed, France (2014 - Present)
Create socioeconomic databases to analyze the internal/external environments and formulate strategic management decisions for the public sector.
Develop international economic partnerships between companies in sister cities in Poland, England and Germany.

Vice Director / Head of Field Studies and European Projects Department, La Maison de l'Emploi et Formation (government owned agency), Louviers, France (2007 - 2014)
Analyzed the environment and formulated strategy by creating and implementing socioeconomic studies, market studies and human resources information systems for companies, including multinational corporations, European Union, Ministry of Employment, and local government.

Planned and executed strategies at the business unit level, corporate level and territory level. Examples include change management programs, workforce adaptation programs, job and competencies forecasting programs, business development strategy programs in France and several European countries as well as coordinating a re-industrialization program for a branch of the French Ministry of Employment.

Evaluated strategy implemented by overseeing the management phases and the performance of the projects in the short and long term. Created an evaluation tool used by government agencies.

Director, La Maison de l'Emploi (city owned agency), Alizay, France (2006 - 2007)
Created analyses of the unemployed population and workers' competencies needed in local companies.

Non-Academic Conference Participation

Invited Presenter, "Who Are the Seniors in the Job Market in France (updated)?" Fifty +, Kwidzyn, Poland, (2010)
Invited Presenter, "French Government's Laws on Seniors Employment," Regional Demographic Capacity, Athens, Greece, (2010)
Invited Presenter, “Innovation in Adapting Working Conditions to an Aging Population” and “How Do Seniors Feel They Are Perceived by Their Employers?” Seniors Employment: A Challenge for Everyone, Louviers, France, (2009)
Conference Organizer, "Seniors Employment: A Challenge for Everyone", Louviers, France, (2009)
Invited Presenter, "Who are the Seniors in the Job Market in France", Talkin 'Bout My Generation, Groningen, Netherlands, (2008)

Seminars / Invited Talks

Invited Presenter, “How Does the Socioeconomic Environment Impact the Change in Local Jobs?” Crédit Agricole (Bank), Bourgtheroulde, France, (2016)
Invited Presenter, “Adapting to Local Culture When Starting a Business Overseas,” Université de Rouen, France, (2015)
Invited Presenter, “How Jobs in the Banking Sector Adapt to the External Environment,” Crédit Agricole (Bank), Romilly, France, (2015)
Invited Presenter, "“Creating a Business Network” and “Increasing Your Knowledge of Potential Clients,” Chamber of Commerce, Le Havre, France, (2013)

Leadership Experience

Professional Advisor, Entreprendre pour Apprendre (regional business startup competition), Collège Decrétot, Louviers, (2012-2014)
Captain, Men’s soccer team, 1st team All-America (NCAA D1), The University of Akron, Ohio, (2005)


English- Fluent

Professional Affiliations

  • Academy of International Business (2015 - Present)
  • Society of Industrial/Organizational Psychology (2015 - Present)
  • Academy of Management (2014 - Present)
  • Groupement Interprofessionnel de la Vallée de l'Andelle et du Plateau Est (2012 - 2015)
  • Plan Régional de Formation, Région Haute Normandie (2010 - 2014)
  • Agence Régionale pour l'Amélioration des Conditions de Travail, Haute Normandie (2009 - 2014)
  • Service Public de l’Emploi Local (SPEL) for Louviers Territory (2007 - 2014)