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Learning to Succeed in Business – the Undergraduate Business School Experience

Undergraduate business school students at the College of Business Administration (CBA) are prepared to become responsible professionals and ethical leaders of the organizations of today and tomorrow. Whether you want to master business knowledge as a major, or you want fundamental business skills to enhance your abilities and education in another discipline, the CBA welcomes you. The inspiration and education you will receive from us is relevant to an amazing range of life and career circumstances, which is why we like to say that with a business education a student could “Be the Next Anything” – just let your imagination and dreams run wild!

Opportunities for Everyone at the CBA

We have business majors and business internships for traditional, transfer, full-employed and guest students designed to be flexible and guide students to successful completion of their business administration degrees. While the CBA is part of a large, innovative research institution, we are determined to graduate our students “one at a time” by providing individualized attention throughout their business-school journey. And the support doesn’t stop there.
We want our students to develop the CBA EDGE, which has two meanings in the college.

  1. We believe students who participate fully in our curricular and co-curricular activities and business school programs truly gain an edge on their competition upon entering the marketplace.
  2. The CBA EDGE (Exploring Degree Goals and Experiences) is a professional-development program designed to provide College of Business students the opportunity to track their participation in events and experiences that lead to career readiness. These professional events and experiences focus on academic preparation, relevant work experience, personal leadership training, network growth/the CBA community, business communication training, and global experiences.
Not only does CBA EDGE programming ready students for post-college success, students also are recognized at certain participation levels.

To us, it’s a partnership:  Our students have to work hard, pay attention, and get involved.  In return, we provide students with the guidance and opportunities we know make successful professionals.  We expect our students to:

  • Apply Skills in a Business Internship

    Internships are the best way for students to gain real-world skills and to integrate their classroom training while learning what is expected of employees in the global business environment.  Internships also are an effective means of obtaining rewarding, full-time employment upon graduation.  We have strong relationships with hundreds of businesses and we have staff dedicated to preparing students for, and placing students in, meaningful business internships .

  • Develop Leadership and Communication Skills

    Every day we hear from employers and our business leader partners that  communication and leadership skills are crucial to career success – and the CBA has staff dedicated to both these areas.  The Institute for Leadership Advancement offers a Leadership Certificate, workshops, and opportunities to do funded Leadership Experience Projects both locally and across the globe.  Our Communications staff provides workshops, online tutorials, and a Recognition of Business Writing Excellence Program so employers will know CBA students possess critical professional communication skills.

  • Interact with our Expert and Connected Faculty both in and out of the Classroom

    Our faculty have close ties to the business community and are experts in their fields of research.  This enables them to create dynamic and relevant curriculum that reflects the real needs of employers today and tomorrow.  It also makes it easy for us to create a network of business leaders, and employers, who know about our students’ achievements.  Students can best leverage this network for learning and career opportunities by getting to know their professors on a one-on-one basis.

  • Get Involved

    Students and studies all say the same thing about succeeding in college:  Get Involved!  There are lots of business-specific student organizations and the University has many additional student groups open to all students, regardless of major. This is where you can demonstrate leadership skills, build your network, serve the University and community, have unique global experiences, or just expand your horizons to make you an even more interesting person!

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