Student using suarez lab computers


Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories


usability studies


offering advertisers an unfiltered look at the emotions and reactions of consumers


to better understand respondents’ reactions to a commercial or a show

About Suarez Laboratories

The Benjamin and Nancy Suarez Applied Marketing Research Laboratories, located on the fifth floor of the Polsky Building, feature a Cognitive Research Laboratory with state-of-the-art technologies focusing on techniques such as eye tracking and brainwave and physiological analyses; a Marketing Intelligence Laboratory with workstations where students and faculty can develop comprehensive market intelligence reports; an Experiential Research Laboratory where students and businesses use techniques such as facial coding software to test the effectiveness of various types of advertising. Ninety-five percent of purchase decision making comes from the subconscious mind and eye tracking gives you a direct path to it.

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Students: Differentiate yourself with employers by gaining direct experience with applied marketing research techniques.

Faculty: Use the lab’s sophisticated technologies in your own research or with your students.

Businesses: Message-testing is a critical part of a solid communication strategy. Take advantage of this unique resource.

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