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About Us

The Taylor Institute's mission is to advance best practices and disseminate new Direct/Interactive Marketing knowledge. Taylor Institute programs and initiatives are designed to be integrated with the College of Business Administration Marketing curriculum. This integration helps provide experiential learning opportunities to supplement the theoretical, classroom knowledge gained by students, which truly makes the Taylor Institute a location where “theory meets practice.”

"The concept of an institute dedicated to Direct Marketing gives Karen and I a way to help students and promote direct marketing as a possible career path. It elevates a profession and gives students an opportunity to sample something they otherwise might not consider as a career."

- Gary L. Taylor

Taylor Institute Mission

To Develop and Inspire Direct/Interactive Marketing Business Leaders through Education, Research, and Service.

Education Mission
To develop and strengthen curriculum content, instructional methodologies, and learning experiences within the academic and professionals fields of Direct/Interactive Marketing education.

Research Mission
To advance and disseminate the knowledge of the theory and practice of Direct/ Interactive Marketing through theoretical, applied, and pedagogical research and intellectual endeavors. 

Service Mission
To support and expand the general well-being of the university, professional, and community stakeholders who have a vested interest in the Taylor Institute’s initiatives and activities and to promote social responsibility within the greater Direct/Interactive Marketing profession.

Services Available to the Business Community

Research and Analytics Laboratories at the Taylor Institute provide corporate clients with cost effective marketing research and analysis. This analysis focuses on both qualitative and quantitative research analysis, including: 

  • Focus group analysis
  • In-depth interviews 
  • Implementation of a company-wide data dictionary
  • Survey writing and analysis
  • Customer base acquisition
  • Customer base cloning
  • E-mail marketing and display ads
  • Descriptive and predictive analysis
  • Usability studies 

In addition to this analysis, customized corporate trainings for marketing research, marketing analytics and web analytics are offered. Finally, thought leadership research (an in-house project) focusing on the way universities communicate to their current and prospective students is in progress.

The Research and Analytics Laboratories, located in the Taylor Institute for Direct Marketing, utilizes its state of the art facilities throughout projects including a Marketing Analytics Lab, Focus Group Lab, Social Media Lab, and the InfoCision Call Center. With these many resources, the Research and Analytics Laboratories are equipped to facilitate in depth research from start to finish.