Laboratories at the Taylor Institute

At the heart of the Taylor Institute are our various applied learning laboratories. The purpose of these laboratories is to provide students and other stakeholders practical, hands-on learning that is both integrated with the marketing department curriculum and supplemental to what is being taught in the classroom.

This unique collection of research labs and facilities that make up the Taylor Institute also allow us to offer a complete selection of research capabilities and services. Experienced research faculty members, together with marketing practitioners, enhance our core competencies.

The Taylor Institute also offers the local business community the ability to use our facilities for meetings and events. Currently, several non-profit organizations and trade group chapters routinely use the Taylor Institute for regularly scheduled meetings. We are pleased to be able to offer this sort of outreach and support to the local community; this interaction helps make our students more aware of such organizations.

Communication Center This is our 12 seat call center with full dialing and campaign management capabilities. We are currently partnering with the North Canton-based contact center, Incept, to use as a satellite location at the Taylor Institute. Incept has worked with some of the largest brands in the world to develop telemarketing campaigns with one main goal - to strengthen relationships at every touch point. Students are employed by Incept and able to work at the communication center according to their schedule and while they are in school.

Video Production Studio This 750 sq. ft. studio space is complete with both green screen and studio lighting capabilities. Students and the community can use the studio for any video project to be used online for marketing campaigns, social media, trade shows. Recently the studio has been used for the video production workshop that provides marketing students with an introduction to the use of video for marketing.

Marketing Analytics Lab All of the workstations in our marketing analytics lab have SPSS, SAS JMP, and 12 educational datasets developed by the Data and Marketing Association (DMA) that can be used for analytics projects and course exercises. The workstations are also equipped with Tableau for students to use as a tool for data visualization.

Qualitative Research Lab Our in-house focus group facility comes complete with full audio and video recording capability and an observation area. Currently, the Marketing Research class, and virtually any course looking to conduct qualitative research, can use this facility to conduct in-depth interviews and focus groups. The lab is also available to marketing professionals in the community to use for their own research. The Taylor Institute can also partner with organizations to assist in the data gathering process by facilitating focus groups on behalf of clients.