Why Direct/Interactive Marketing?

It’s trending! It’s what Amazon & Netflix do. It’s the way Google & Facebook make money. It’s today’s version of Mad Men! Financial services firms, technology businesses, and nonprofits use it. In fact, today just about every business uses it, including the Sherwin-Williams, Goodyear, The J.M. Smucker Company, and Cleveland Clinic.

It is websites, mobile apps, social media, print ads, email, mobile marketing, direct mail, search marketing, and TV/video advertising. It is marketing directly to customers, often called Direct/Interactive Advertising or Direct Response Marketing.

It involves marketing strategy, analytics, creative, media strategy, market research and new cutting-edge technologies. It’s fast-paced and fast-growing and companies are looking for trained college graduates to help them do it! 

And speaking of jobs, Direct/Interactive Marketing is not going away. In a recent study by the Winterberry Group, spending in both offline and online channels is estimated to be over $350 billion in 2019. This includes significant increases in all digital channels and direct mail.

Employers of all types are looking for college graduates trained in Direct/Interactive Marketing: savvy marketers, media strategists, creative types, and data people.

There has never been a better time to be a Marketing major. In fact, the field is growing so rapidly we expect qualified Marketing majors to receive multiple job offers prior to graduation – and to progress quickly into Management positions.

The Application Deadline for these scholarships is April 30th. 

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