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Executive Education:
Applied Learning for Today's Professionals

The University of Akron College of Business offers organizational and business focused Executive Education programs. Our non-degree professional courses are aimed at improving professional effectiveness and range from broad sessions in management, teamwork and business communication to tailored topics that suit your specific organizational needs. With recent modules in Marketing Analytics, Decision-Making for Executives, The Power of Pricing, and more, our expert faculty are esteemed researchers who curate salient programs to boost the performance of employees and executives alike.

With programs ranging from partial day to multiple weeks, several participants to more than 100, our Executive Education department will create the ideal learning experience for your leadership team or entire organization.

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Making the Case for Executive Education

According to the 2023 Future of Jobs Report, released by the World Economic Forum, analytical and creative thinking remain the most important skills for twenty-first century workers. Accompanying engaged and strategic thought is a list of essential business skills. The publication also notes a significant skills gap among a substantial percentage of today's workers. During the current decade, efficient and effective organizations will need to invest in the refreshing and retraining of workers. The University of Akron College of Business offers world-class seminars to assist in the necessary and current effort to meet contemporary challenges and upskill and advance today's workforce.

Our Executive Education Offerings are Diverse. With three different program types to choose from and a cutting-edge online learning platform, Executive Education at The University of Akron offers relevant applied learning to personnel who have accomplished a range of educational programs and professional levels.

Our Programs are:

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Our Custom Corporate Professional Development program offers educational modules tailor-made for your company's specifications and growth. Through a discovery intake process, we identify areas for improvement in skills and knowledge and work with clients to customize an executive program to address those organizational needs. After pairing the customized program structure with expert faculty and determining session length, we’ll carefully craft your material. Our flexible approach ensures that your organization's professional needs are effectively met.

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Our Signature Programs are thoughtfully created educational experiences that offer a wide spectrum of business topics and can incorporate a range of cutting-edge research and faculty expertise. These programs include but are not limited to engaging lectures, interactive and hands-on learning, company tours, and more. We design a comprehensive and immersive Executive Education learning experience. Past programs include partnerships with the Latin America Institute of Business and an assortment of in-person summits that have garnered acclaim for high-level content and impactful learning outcomes.

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We offer an array of interesting and relevant modules created by our Executive Education team and program faculty. Our Open Enrollment options appeal to the professional development needs of individuals and whole organizations, providing a collaborative and diverse learning environment to anyone looking to fill workplace skill gaps. Watch our page for announcements of upcoming programs sure to interest motivated individual professionals and whole teams.

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When you choose to learn through The University of Akron College of Business and our Executive Education offerings, your access to a wealth of resources, materials, and academic support grows exponentially. Our Coursera link delivers educational programs in a convenient online learning platform. Our vast non-degree courses through Coursera are pragmatic in a variety of specializations. Take advantage of other online resources offered by our esteemed University to enhance your learning.

Our Executive Education Offerings are Associated with a Full-Service College of Business. The University of Akron College of Business is AACSB dual-accredited and nationally ranked for both undergraduate and graduate education. With 16 business majors and several unique graduate program formats spread across five academic departments, the College of Business is comprehensive. Executive Education draws from our vast curriculum and dozens of expert faculty members. Let our professionals boost your team to a higher level.

Our Programs are:

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Our innovative Centers and Institutes enhance classroom learning and bridge traditional academic experiences with instruction from business practitioners. This use of our human capital and physical footprint in downtown Akron provides professional development in laser-focused dedicated spaces ideal to augment the Executive Education experience.

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Our nationally renowned faculty is a diverse group of seasoned experts whose work is featured in top international journals and industry-leading publications. Let us facilitate connections between our top researchers and teachers and your organization's team. See why Forbes, MNPR, SHRM, and The New York Times, just to name a few, have published the groundbreaking research of our Executive Education scholars.

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