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Risk Management and Insurance Degree Program Receives Grant

2017-07-20 12:30:00.0

The College of Business Administration’s Risk Management and Insurance degree program, which launches this fall, has been awarded an $11,000 grant by the Westfield Insurance Foundation. The grant is part of the Westfield Legacy of Caring program, which invited The O’Neill Group (a Westfield independent insurance agent) to nominate a local nonprofit organization for the award.

The grant will support a “Risky Business” event this fall for freshmen and sophomore students to learn more about the insurance industry as a potential career path, and a scholarship program for students pursuing a degree in Risk Management and Insurance here.

“We have strong relationships with our agents, and we value the important role they play in their communities,” says Ed Largent, Westfield President & CEO, and Westfield Insurance Foundation chairman.

“We are proud of the community we live and work in, and look for unique opportunities to support and partner with local nonprofit organizations,” says Patrick O’Neill, president and CEO of The O’Neill Group, who will serve on the RMI program’s advisory board. “As a proud alumnus of The University of Akron, I found it very fitting to nominate the College of Business Administration for the Westfield Legacy of Caring grant to benefit the launch of its RMI degree program.”

The O’Neill Group will continue its involvement with the RMI program through its TOG Cares program, which offers each team member 30 hours paid time off per year to volunteer for a local nonprofit.

“As is the case with many professions, risk management and insurance is often misunderstood by young college students,” notes Dr. Jill Bisco, assistant professor of finance and RMI. “Although most in the industry understand how exciting and fulfilling the profession can be, communicating this to college students can often be challenging. The funding will give us the opportunity to teach students that the insurance industry is a viable career option with a wealth of opportunity.”

Risk Management and Insurance Degree Program Receives Grant