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CBA Students Compete at National Collegiate Sales Competition


CBA students, Dave Anthony, Megan Doonan, Ryan Finnucan, and Mike Rychka traveled to Georgia for a chance to compete at the 12th Annual National Collegiate Sales Competition (NCSC), hosted by the Coles College of Business at Kennesaw State University, March 5-8, 2010. The NCSC, the world’s largest collegiate sales competition, pits top sales students in a test of live role-play, one-on-one sales call challenges. Each sales call is broadcast live to locations on campus where college faculty from across the country and recruiters from sponsoring companies participate as judges and evaluate each student’s performance.

Approximately 350 college students from 61 universities participated in this year’s competition, along with nearly 30 companies, including Liberty Mutual, ADP, Tom James, Owens Corning, AT&T, Hewlett Packard, Dow Jones, NCR and Reynolds and Reynolds. NCSC sponsor resources provide funding to defray the expenses of competing students and participating faculty. Many of the best and brightest sales students would be unable to attend without the help of corporate sponsors.

“It says a lot about the caliber of the students competing when you have companies that are willing to travel across the country to recruit them, even in a down market when very few companies are hiring,” said Dr. Terry Loe, director of the NCSC, as well as director of the Center for Professional Selling at Kennesaw State’s Coles College of Business. “These students are a solid investment for sponsoring companies who want to fill entry-level sales positions with graduates who already have sales training or a degree in professional selling. The extensive sales training these students receive prior to graduating translates to lower turnover and reduced training time and cost for companies.”

National Collegiate Sales Competition

From left to right: Ryan Finnucan, Dave Anthony, Dr. Frederick Yim, Megan Doonan, and Mike Rychka

“This is Henry Schein’s seventh year to attend this event. As a veteran manager who has been hiring sales talent for 35 years, I believe that the NCSC is the best collection of sales talent that you will find under one roof, all competing for the top sales position in the collegiate realm,” said Dean Kyle, zone general manager for Henry Schein. “Not only do you get to meet these young people, but you also get to watch many of them in actual competition. It is the kind of experience you wish you could have with every sales candidate you interview.”

The CBA students found the experience both exciting and memorable.

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