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CBA Goes International on Student Appreciation Day


On Wednesday, September 8, 2010, students passing through the CBA Concourse between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm were treated to the sights, sounds and flavors of many of the countries of the world.  It was Student Appreciation Day and the College of Business Administration teamed up with the Office of International Programs to thank the students for choosing UA.

The CBA/OIP theme for Student Appreciation Day was “Where in the World is Zippy  - Where Did Zippy Spend Summer Vacation?”

Beautifully decorated booths representing countries in Africa, Asia and the Middle East, Australia, the Caribbean and Latin American, and Europe showcased the beauty and culture of each of the countries and displayed many authentic items, as well as vacation photos of Zippy at various sites.

After collecting their free t-shirts and food coupons, and their “passports”, the students “traveled” from country to country, playing games and learning interesting facts about the countries.

At each booth, the students received a stamp in their passports which they could then enter into the CBA raffle for a chance to win one of twenty-five prizes including $25 Zip cards and gift cards for Street Treats and Philly Connection.

At the Africa booth, students tested their knowledge of Africa as they competed with each other to be the first to identify one of twelve countries visited by Zippy from clues provided.  Some students even had the opportunity to compete against Dean Ravi Krovi and Associate Dean James Divoky. Winning students received their choice of a variety of healthy snacks.  Students also had the opportunity to learn about the CBA’s summer study abroad trip to Ghana.

The “henna table” at the Asia and Middle East booth was very popular.  Students were able to have their hands or arms beautifully decorated with henna art.  The booth included many decorations from Asia, as well as information about the China/Korea study abroad program.  Representatives from the Confucius Institute were also on hand to tell the students about the Institute.

Students who visited the Australia booth were greeted by an inflated crocodile and large stuffed Zippy dressed in rugby gear.  Other items on display included a “Dundee hat”, a bookmark made of kangaroo fur, Australian currency, as well as pictures depicting Sydney, the outback, and Ayers Rock.  Students received a variety of candies and had the opportunity to guess the meaning of 6 different Australian words.  They also played the “two up” coin game in which they used a wooden mechanism to toss two coins in the air with the goal of getting “heads” three times in a row. 

Postcards from Zippy were one of the highlights of the Caribbean/Latin America booth.  Students were challenged to identify the countries Zippy visited from the photos and descriptions provided in the postcards.  The display also included poster boards with facts about the area, colorful Caribbean-American heritage posters and genuine artifacts, including dolls dressed in folk costumes.

The Europe booth was decorated with pictures and objects from many different European destinations.  Students received delicious European candy after answering questions from one of the following four categories - landmarks in Europe, currencies in Europe, language of Europe and global companies based in Europe.

A highlight of the event was a visit from Zippy who was excited to see the display of vacation photos and watched in amusement as students tried to identify the various vacation locales.

In addition to the variety of snacks and candy available at each booth, the CBA also provided students with free hotdogs, Oreo cookies, popcorn and bottled water.

Thanks to all the students who visited the CBA’s booths and to the faculty and staffed who worked together to make the day a success!

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