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Peace Corps Seeks Volunteers with Business Skills


Peace Corps has announced an increase in the number of international volunteer positions and the availability of more opportunities than ever for college seniors and graduate students to apply for 2011 programs. Individuals with skill sets in business, education, agriculture, environmental studies, and health are encouraged to apply.

Volunteers serve in 77 countries in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean, Central and South America, Europe, and the Middle East.  They live, learn, and work with a community overseas for 27 months, providing technical assistance in six program areas: education, youth and community development, health, business and information/communications technology, agriculture, and environment.

Volunteers must be U.S. citizens and at least 18 years of age, and should have leadership skills and a commitment to service.

In addition to making a difference for others, Peace Corps service also provides many tangible benefits for volunteers including the opportunity to combine service with graduate school for credit and/or financial assistance; paid living expenses; full health and dental coverage in service; $7,425 readjustment allowance upon service completion; deferment or partial cancellation of some student loans; and many more.

First established by President John F. Kennedy in 1961, the Peace Corps celebrates 50 years of global outreach and service in 2011.

For additional information about the opportunities and benefits of Peace Corps service or to apply online, visit