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Andrew Thomas Has 2010 Best Book in Marketing


Andrew ThomasThe American Marketing Association Foundation (AMAF) has selected “The Distribution Trap: Keeping Your Innovations from Becoming Commodities” as the recipient of the 2010 Berry-AMA Book Prize for the best book in marketing.

In “The Distribution Trap,” co-authors Andrew R. Thomas, assistant professor of marketing and international business, and Timothy J. Wilkinson, professor of marketing and interim dean at Montana State University Billings, explain that it is time for U.S. companies to wake up to the destructive mass-marketing theories that have cut their profits, diminished their reputations and sent American jobs overseas.

The authors contend that current marketing and distribution notions have wrongly convinced thousands of U.S. innovators that the sale and distribution of their products and services is better left in the hands of outside forces. By catering to the mass market, innovators are allowing mega-distributors to dilute the value of their products and services, imposing costs and changes in strategic direction and operational control.

Thomas is a New York Times bestselling business writer who has authored, co-authored or edited more than a dozen books. His research has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, MIT Sloan Management Review and Business Horizons, and he is a regularly featured media analyst for MSNBC, CNN, the BBC, and FOX NEWS.  Thomas is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Transportation Security and is a Contributing Editor for Industry Week.