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IGB hosts China Business Summit


Continuing with the past practice, The Institute of Global Business hosted the China Business Summit titled "China: Managing Increasing Government Influence" on October 1, 2010 at Quaker Square. The event was co-hosted with the China Resource Network and the School of Law. The day-long Summit hosted four IB students (from the University of Akron) as interns, two from China and two from the US.

Speakers from China and local companies such as PolyOne, Goodyear, and Invacare presented detailed information on subjects such as How to Manage IP in an R&D environment, China's push to Unionize, Supplier Quality Development, and the Landscape for Product Liability Risk. Attendees came in from as far as Detroit to participate in one of the few conferences on China that focus on high level technical information and peer-to-peer networking. Participants included senior executives (including CEOs and CFOs) with significant responsibilities (in areas such as Accounting/Finance, Operations, Legal, Marketing, and supply chain) from well known companies including Eaton Corp, Stafast, and MTD Products.

In her presentation on unions, Kimberly Kirkendall, the founder of CRN, stated that China in the last few years has used the economic crisis and stimulus money to support and encourage government owned companies. This is a change of direction from its promotion of foreign investment and privatization and has been widely noted by U.S. companies trying to compete selling into China. Bruce Hendricks of Goodyear commented on both the competition and opportunity that foreign companies encounter in China and Goodyear's strategy to grow through supplying the rapidly expanding Chinese tire market. Jessica Xie of Hylant Insurance explained the risks in misunderstanding China's Product Liability laws and the protection (or lack of) that many Chinese manufacturers had in place. Blaine Turnacliff, an attorney webconferencing from China told the audience that recently China has made Partnerships as a form of corporation viable in China, often with real benefits for the owners in both taxes and start up costs.

2010 Summit was the 6th conference. CRN is an industry group for China catering to companies heavily involved in China.