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Sales major secures second place twice


Brittany Nagy, first runner-up in the World Collegiate Sales Open and the National Collegiate Sales Competition, desires to stay close to home after graduation. One company Nagy admires most is based in Atlanta, Ga. Henry Schein Dental — one of the world's leading providers of equipment to dental offices —  typically requires its staff members to relocate.

When Schein Dental representatives witnessed the obvious skills and talents Nagy possesses in person, they gave her an offer she couldn't refuse. With an opening in its Cleveland location, Nagy has been granted the opportunity to work close to home at a well-known Fortune 500 company.

Making the most of opportunities

Nagy credits her second place finishes in the World Collegiate Sales Open and the National Collegiate Sales Competition to her time management skills and the endless opportunities UA's Fisher Institute for Professional Selling provides. Graduating May 10 with a B.B.A. in Sales Management and Integrated Marketing Communications, magna cum laude, Nagy topped competitors from across the U.S., Canada and the United Kingdom. The University of Akron was one of four institutions to qualify for the World Collegiate Sales Open two years in a row.

Nagy says she truly enjoys the combination that selling allows, of helping and interacting with people. "When I am selling, I get to offer people a product that helps them reach their goals and solve their problems."

Dr. Frederik Beuk, assistant professor of marketing, claims students in all majors can benefit by learning sale techniques. "Whether you are in finance, accounting, or marketing, everyone ends up selling something. Taking a sales course, or perhaps even a minor in sales, is something that would benefit each and every one of our students," he says.

Beuk coached Nagy onto the final round of the competition. Nagy also learned her skills from the courses she is enrolled in.

Prepared for success

“The sales classes at The University of Akron really prepare students for real-life sales scenarios, with video recording of role plays and detailed feedback being part of our Advanced Professional Selling classes,” explains Beuk. "It is this approach that gives our students an edge in winning competitions like the WCSO. But much more importantly, the selling skills we teach as part of the curriculum are also absolutely crucial in getting that first job after college."

Nagy celebrated her second place finishes with friends and family. "I received plenty of phone calls and had a nice party with dinner and ice cream cake, not to mention cashing a nice check!"

Brittany Nagy's top three selling secrets:

Listen — "It is very easy to assume what the buyer is going to say and it's easier to get caught up with what your response is going to be. In competitive selling it's important to have the right response, while in real world selling someone's business is on the line."

Prepare — "Going into a sale you should know everything about the client, their business and their industry. You need to know how your product can assist the buyer in solving their problems."

Remember — "Remind yourself that you're not going to get every sale. There are times when you can do everything right, but things just won't work out so you need to keep an open mind and try not to get discouraged."

 Story by Tyeal Howell

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