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Alumni Spotlight, Meredith May: From MBA Student to Teacher in China


May with Chima'sOne year ago, Meredith May was an active MBA student at The University of Akron.  Today, she is using her skills to teach students in China.

After graduating in 2009 with a Finance degree from Xavier University, May enrolled in UA’s MBA program with a focus in international finance.  During her time at Akron, she was extremely involved on campus, serving as a graduate assistant in the Department of Athletics and as the Managing Partner of the Student Venture Fund (SVF).  The SVF is comprised of a group of graduate students who research start-up companies and make decisions on which companies to invest in.

Upon completion of her MBA in Spring 2011, May took a teaching position at Sias University in China.  She teaches financial management and monetary banking to students whose second language is English.  While May admits it is a challenge, she has also enjoyed the adventure.

“Not only am I improving my communication skills, but my knowledge and understanding of finance is also growing deeper,” she says.

May has also enjoyed the process of learning Chinese customs and traditions.

May outside Forbidden City“My students are eager to teach me about Chinese culture and to learn about my American culture,” she explains.  “There have been many times where students will bring me a memento that represents something significant in China or a famous food from their hometown.  That is the advantage of teaching in a different part of the world: I am subjected to a culture that is completely new to me as my students are subjected to concepts in finance that are completely new to them.” 

May believes the MBA program contributed to her success in this new endeavor.

“Since I studied the material more intensely at the graduate level at The University of Akron, I can say I am a more effective teacher.”

May at the Market