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CBA Opportunities Impress: “I was blown away”

2017-08-21 12:00:00.0

Senior Shelby Amatangelo shares what brought her to The University of Akron, what she has learned from her summer internship, and what she loves about the student organization, Beta Alpha Psi (BAP).


  • Hometown: Minerva, OH
  • Why did you choose The University of Akron/CBA: I wanted to go to school somewhere that was close enough to come home on the weekends, but far enough to feel like I was starting a new chapter on my own. While all of my applications were accepted, there was only one school with a business school that made me feel like I would no doubt be prepared for life after college. Akron had more business school organizations, internship opportunities, and community connections than any other school I talked to. I was blown away by what the CBA had managed to do for the students, and I wanted to have that same opportunity.
  • Majors: Accounting and Financial Planning
  • Why did you choose your majors: I dreamed of becoming a lawyer for most of my childhood. Unfortunately, my dad brought to my attention that I needed an undergraduate degree. I was clueless about what to do, so my dad gave me two options: engineering or business. I liked working with money and numbers, so I figured that business would be best for me. However, what area of business I wanted to major in was yet to be determined.

    When I was scheduling for my senior year in high school, my guidance counselor called me to her office to let me know that I wasn’t allowed three study halls – even though I had already met the graduation requirements. I was given two options to pick up one more class: Art or Accounting. I am not the least bit artistic, so choosing accounting was a no-brainer. I fell in love with accounting and found my major. After a year of college, I decided to tack on a second major to meet my 150 credit requirement for the CPA exam. Wanting to stay in a similar field, I chose Corporate Finance. After taking a few finance classes I found my true (second) home in Financial Planning.
  • Post grad goals? After graduation in May, I will study for and take the CPA exam over the summer. I will then start working in assurance at Ernst & Young. I also plan to pursue a Master’s degree in Forensic and Fraud Examination.


  • Past Internships: Accounting & Operations at Invent Now (Summer & Fall 2015), Assurance at Ernst & Young (Summer 2016)
  • Current Internship: Accounting/Finance at Hendrickson Trailer
    (November 2016 – Present)
  • What are your responsibilities as an intern? My internship at Hendrickson has been nothing short of the “full experience.” I work closely with the Cost Accountant, Pricing Manager, and General Accounting Manager. I also work on projects with the Division Controller and Director of Finance & IT. This has given me the opportunity to branch out into nearly every area of Hendrickson’s accounting process. I am responsible for numerous daily tasks such as updating vendors and product costs, as well as a great deal of month-end reports and reconciliations such as the Account Managers Sales Reports and our Fixed Asset reconciliation.
  • What have you learned as a result of your internship? While I have learned a great deal at all of my internships, Hendrickson was my first chance to see the accounting process come full circle. I have learned so much from Hendrickson in terms of how a manufacturing company operates, and how the accounting side of the company operates and moves through processes. However, I have also learned a lot about the other side of the audit process having now been through three audits. I feel that this will be a huge advantage whenever I am back on the other side of the audit at Ernst & Young.
  • Did any part of your internship surprise you? I wasn’t expecting to have as much responsibility as I was given at Hendrickson. It was exciting to receive so many tasks/reports that would be my responsibility month after month. I was also surprised with the freedom I was given to change processes and worksheets. I am encouraged to find “smarter” ways to work, so to say. I have been able to reduce worksheets and processes down to the bare minimum that is needed to show the data and “audit trail” without all of the added information that is unnecessary.

Beta Alpha Psi

Shelby is the President of Beta Alpha Psi (BAP), an honorary organization for Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems students and professionals.

  • What are the benefits of being involved with BAP? Beta Alpha Psi has been the foundation of my success as a college student and professional. I honestly do not think I would have a job offer with Ernst & Young if it were not for everything I learned and the opportunities provided to me through Beta Alpha Psi (and Accounting Association).

    BAP has allowed me to meet hundreds of area professionals. Each semester we bring 8-10 different firms/companies in to talk to our members, providing for effortless networking and learning. My three favorite things about Beta Alpha Psi are the opportunities we provide to our members, the friendships we develop and grow, and the essential skills that we cultivate.
  • Anything else you want people to know about you, your internship, or BAP?
    Accounting Association/Beta Alpha Psi meetings are every Tuesday from 3:50-5:00. The room is TBA, so watch for signs around the CBA. Our first meeting will be an ice cream social on Tuesday, August 29. We will be reviewing everything you need to know about AA/BAP, recruiting season details, game night information, and our new ideas being implemented from our Regional and National conferences! All Accounting, Finance, and Information Systems majors are welcome to join.
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Shelby Amatangelo