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Associate Professor Andrew Thomas discusses new TSA guidelines on Ray Horner’s WAKR-AM morning show


University of Akron's Andrew Thomas was a guest on Ray Horner's WAKR-AM morning show, where he talked about new TSA guidelines for carry-ons. Thomas is Associate Professor in International Business for the University of Akron and is renowned in the field of Aviation Security and Travel.  

Professor Thomas has also been quoted by the local news on several occasions, including a recent ABC-7 report on "Air-Rage." More information on this topic can be accessed at the Associated Press article provided in the link below. The article reads:

"In era of reinforced cockpit doors and passengers who have shown a willingness to intervene, the threat from terrorism has been greatly reduced, Andrew R. Thomas, a University of Akron business professor and author of several books on the airline industry and security, said.

Rather, "acts of aberrant, abusive and abnormal passenger behavior known as air rage remain the most persistent threat to aviation security,"" 

Thomas' recent publications include Aviation Insecurity: The New Challenges of Air TravelAir Rage: Crisis in the Skies and Soft Landing: Airline Industry Strategy, Service, and Safety.   

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