CBA Team Wins Peoples Bank Case Competition


The CBA Team of Layne Scheufler, Preston Matos, Eric Vlahos, with Faculty Advisor Professor Bhanu Balasubramnian are champions of a hotly contested undergraduate business case competition, besting the other Final Four teams Marshall, Oberlin, and West Virginia University. Competing for two days at The McDonough Center for Leadership and Business at Marietta College, each team presented its business case response to a group of Peoples’ executives. After an initial presentation by each team, Peoples Bank and Marietta College hosted a luncheon at which four finalists were announced. The finalists then competed in the afternoon for the $1,500 prize.

The Undergraduate Business Case Competition serves as an opportunity for students to compete against peers to provide a solution to a real-world business scenario. In addition to the competition experience, participants also interact with business leaders in the financial services industry and receive immediate and valuable feedback on the results of their work.

Peoples is a community bank with offices in Ohio, West Virginia, and Kentucky. The bank invests in its communities through educational development and outreach. Peoples also uses the competition so bank leaders can promising students who would be potential candidates for employment.