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Student Orgs Made UA a Home for Finance Major

2017-06-06 00:00:00.0

Senior, Finance

“When I decided to come to the University of Akron, I was excited, nervous and hopeful, all at the same time. I got here and I almost immediately fell in love. Although I had a great freshman year, it wasn’t until I was a junior that I realized coming to the University of Akron was the greatest decision I could've made. That year, I joined both The Institute for Leadership Advancement and Delta Sigma Pi, and after that it seems like my whole college career fell into place. I made a ton of friends in my major through Delta Sigma Pi, so I knew a couple people in every class. I was never a terrible student, but I really tightened up after joining those groups.

By the end of junior year, I not only landed an internship, but I made some lifelong friends and some really amazing professional connections. I’ve always loved Akron but my junior year gave me a newfound appreciation for the school and truly made it feel like home.”