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Microsoft Imagine Premium (formerly DreamSpark)

The College of Business Administration is pleased to announce to its faculty members and students that we participate in the Microsoft Imagine Program, formerly known as Microsoft DreamSpark Premium. This allows access to the Microsoft Imagine Developer tools and a variety of software titles that is limited for instructional purposes and learning and personal use.

Registration Requirements

All current CBA students & faculty are automatically enrolled in the Microsoft Imagine program after the last day to drop classes without a WD appearing on the transcript for the semester. If access is required before the date, please contact Mary Hardin at

  • Faculty Members:

If you require your students to have access to Microsoft Imagine before the last day to drop classes without a WD appearing in your transcript, you must send an must send an e-mail including course Subject Area (e.g.: 6200 for Accounting), Catalog Number and Section Number to Mary Hardin.

Note: You are no longer required to submit a current semester class roster.

  • Students:

Students must be enrolled in at least one CBA course. Students have access to the Microsoft Imagine Program for one semester. Accounts must be renewed each semester.

Software may be accessed through the CBA Store Front.

Microsoft Imagine Program Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few common questions that people often ask, or difficulties new users may experience with the system. Here is an easy-reference list describing a few steps you will need to follow when obtaining software from Microsoft Imagine:


In order to obtain an Microsoft Imagine account, you must be a currently enrolled CBA student. If access is required before the last day to drop classes without a WD appearing in your transcript for the semester, you must contact your instructor.

Within a few days of the Faculty member having submitted the e-mail, you should automatically receive an e-mail from the Microsoft Imagine with a username, along with a link you can use to create a password and log in.

Your e-mail should include the following information (a similar email will be sent to your account on re-activation)

From: The University of Akron - College of Business Administration - Imagine Premium (

Subject: An account has been created for you

** This is an automated message -- please do not reply as you will not receive a response. **

Welcome ( your Imagine WebStore:
The University of Akron - College of Business Administration - Imagine Premium

You’ll be excited to know a user account was just created for you at your school's Imagine WebStore. With it, you can download and access a wide range of Microsoft developer tools, servers, and platforms for free!

Get Started Now

To complete the registration process, you need to follow just 1 step! Clicking the registration link below will send you to a page where you’ll be asked to create a unique password for your account. Once that’s complete, you’re done!

Complete Your Registration: Unique URL

If you experience problems clicking the link above, please try copying and pasting the entire link into a browser.

Technical Support

If you have any technical difficulties while registering, downloading the software, or anything else, check out the Help section of your WebStore and review the frequently asked questions. If you don't find what you're looking for, just click the Contact Us link at the bottom of the Help page to contact your Program Administrator to get additional support.
If you have any questions, please see the Help section of the website.

Thank You,
The University of Akron - College of Business Administration - Imagine Premium URL


The last day of finals is the last day account will be active. If you wish to use the account in the future, it will have to be re-activated. Re-activation is available for each semester that you are a CBA student.


You must have a valid user account in the system before you can order software. Your account username is your University of Akron e-mail address.

Microsoft Imagine is available through the CBA website on the Student Resources page, through the link provided in your confirmation e-mail, or by following one of these links:

University of Akron College of Business Imagine

Microsoft Imagine Premium Storefront

Once you are on the Microsoft Imagine page, click "Sign In" on top right side of the page.

Lost or Forgotten Password

From the Microsoft Imagine storefront click Sign In on top right side of the page. On the next screen there will be a link saying "Forgot your password?". Click on the link, enter your Username and click submit. Your username is your University of Akron e-mail address. You will receive an email to setup your new password. If you get a message that the username is invalid, contact Mary Hardin. Remember, accounts are not automatically created. Your professor must first request access for the class.

Select Software

Once you've logged into the system, you will see the Software tab at the top of the screen.

On the Software tab, you can select a software title from the dropdown list, enter a title in the search field, or you may click on one of the featured product icons.

Select Delivery Option

Some software titles provide more than one delivery option (Download or Mail Order/Shipping). Please be careful to choose the delivery option that is right for you (it is not always possible to switch delivery options after you've completed your order).

To complete your selection, click on the "Add to Cart" button to begin the ordering process and make sure you Check Out.

Obtain and Install Software

The End User License Agreement (EULA) will be presented to you, which you must understand and agree to, if you are to proceed.

At the end of your order, click on the "Download" link and you will be taken to the download page - click on the button to Download and install your software.

A Downloader window will open. Click on Save File (NOT Run). The downloader saves to the C:\temp folder by default, so make sure you redirect it to a different location.

If your software requires a serial number or activation code, it will be displayed on the order confirmation page. If you have downloaded the software over the Internet, product keys will also be available by clicking on the "My Software" link and then on "Download" under "Delivery Type".

E-academy will send you an email receipt of your order. The e-mail will be from and will have Order Confirmation as the subject.

For more help, refer to the Microsoft Imagine Frequently Asked Questions page:

What is an ISO File?

An ISO image is the image of a disk containing all files as well as boot files necessary for automatically launching the installation wizard. You will have to burn it on a CD to make it "bootable". You need special software to do this.

Make sure you BURN, NOT COPY the file to the CD.

By burning the file to a disk as a data disk (Copy), you will simply end up with an .ISO file on the disk, which cannot be used for the installation. The ISO file needs to be burned to a disk specifically as an image instead of a data disk, and will extract the ISO into the required setup files.

Make sure that your burning software is set to select the image file with an .ISO extension. Roxio and Nero are programs that can burn from ISO images, but with Nero you must make sure you have the latest version or your installation will fail towards the end of the install process when you try to install from the burned CD. Additional disk burning programs are available for free download from different online sources.

Some Products will save as .IMG files instead of .ISO. All you need to do is simply rename the file as .ISO. If Windows warns you that by "changing a file's extension, the file may become unusable", just click "YES".

For more help, refer to the Microsoft Imagine Frequently Asked Questions page:

How do I retrieve my product key?

Login to Microsoft Imagine through the CBA Storefront, you should see "My Software List" (if not click "My Software" on the left hand side). Click on the Download link for the appropriate software, the product key is listed under “Serial Number”.

Do I need x64 or x86 software?

Only download x64 if you have a 64 bit machine, if you have a 32 bit machine choose to download x86. If you are not sure which version you are running look at your computer system properties.