The Scientific Nursery: Psychologists’ Advice to Parents

May 5, 2022 through November 23, 2022

National Museum of Psychology

Where do you go when you have questions about childcare? Whom do you ask for advice?

Parents and caregivers face endless questions when it comes to raising their children – and there are even more, often conflicting, answers out there. Psychologists have long contributed to the advice passed along to parents based on their studies of how children develop, learn, and grow. From the development of an environmentally controlled “crib” to endless books on parenting recommendations, psychologists have had a lot to say about how we should raise our children.

The Scientific Nursery: Psychologists’ Advice to Parents is a new public exhibit that launched in May 2022. Drawing on the collections of the Archives of the History of American Psychology, the exhibit explores how psychologists have studied the development of children and how this research has translated into the advice offered to parents on how best to raise children. Design and installation of The Scientific Nursery was completed by students in the Museums and Archives Studies Certificate Program, a unique offering at The University of Akron that prepares students for work in the museum and archive professions by providing hands-on, experiential education.

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