The National Museum of Psychology

Highlights from the museum include Albert Bandura's Bobo doll, a Nobel Prize and simulated shock generator from Stanley Milgram’s obedience studies, and Philip Zimbardo’s Stanford Prison Experiment. From home movies of Sigmund Freud to so many more objects that tell the history of psychology, visitors will attempt to beat Babe Ruth’s reaction time, and explore the limits of their short-term memory at the hands-on National Museum of Psychology. Plan your visit.

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Experience exhibits on psychology’s history as a profession, science and agent of social change. Visitors of all ages can explore how psychology has become part of popular culture and everyday life.


Explore how psychologists have applied their work in hospitals, businesses, schools and industry through exhibits on:

  • the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness
  • the rise of “talk therapy”
  • the creation of intelligence testing
  • the psychology of advertising and employee selection


Discover how psychology became a laboratory science and how it has been used to understand sensation, perception, the brain and animal behavior. Exhibit highlights include:

  • instruments and apparatus from early-20th-century laboratories
  • interactives on perceptual illusions and memory
  • film footage from early studies of chimpanzee development

Social Change

Learn how psychologists use research to understand the social world and create social change. Exhibits explore:

  • early women psychologists and the study of gender differences
  • psychological research on race in the 1950s
  • changing ideas about human sexuality
  • studies of social norms, social roles, obedience and authority

Plan your visit!


  • Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Thursday: 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Please note that the Museum closes for all major holidays.


  • $10 - Adults
  • $5 - College ID & Children (under 18)
  • $20 - Family
  • $5/person - Groups of 10+
  • Free - University of Akron students, staff, & faculty (with valid ID)
  • Free - with a military ID

About the museum

Cummings Center external renovation renderingEstablished in 2010, the National Museum of Psychology showcases and interprets documents, media, and artifacts from the Center’s vast special collections. Featuring both temporary and permanent exhibits, the Museum aims to bring the history of psychology to life by providing visitors with an opportunity to explore what it means to be human.

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