Computer Science Career Opportunities

Computer science is a hot commodity in the current economy. Rapidly changing and sophisticated technology fuels the need for highly trained, well educated workers to develop and incorporate computer systems for newer technologies. The federal government reports that systems analysts, computer scientists and data administrators are among the fastest growing occupations.

Systems analysts are problem solvers, planning and develop new computer systems or upgrading existing systems to meet employers’ and clients’ needs. They meet with managers to determine systems problems and define appropriate goals. By using a variety of techniques – data modeling, information engineering, cost accounting, structured analysis and mathematical model building, for example – they plan the system needed, put it into operation and test it to make sure all is working as planned. Computer scientists work as theorists, researchers and inventors, using a high level of theoretical expertise and creativity to solve complex problems. Many work on multifaceted projects and with multidisciplinary teams.

Database administrators determine how to organize and store tremendous volumes of data. Working with data management systems software, they determine user requirements, set up databases and ensure peak performance of the technology. One of the most important aspects of their work is safeguarding sensitive date through security measures.

Individuals who earn computer science degrees can also lead careers in operations research analysis, computer operation and programming. They become systems integrators, artificial intelligence specialists, technical writers and information designers. They can work in sales, service and management.

According to the federal government, most systems analysts, computer scientists and database administrators work in the computer and data processing service industries. others work for the government, manufacturers, insurance companies, financial institutions and universities.

Demanding top-level skills and education, employers seek professionals with technical knowledge and computer skills who can write and communicate effectively as well.

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