Description of Levels and Courses

Levels of Proficiency

Four Levels of Proficiency

To be admitted into the EAP Program, you must already have some basic knowledge of English. Some of our students have this knowledge after taking English classes in high school, in a university, or in a language center in their home country; others have this knowledge after taking classes or living in the United States or another English-speaking country.

At the beginning of each semester, we give placement tests to all new students. These tests show us your ability and help us decide which level of classes is the best for you.

In our EAP Program, we can offer classes at four different levels:
  • Pre-Intermediate (PI): This level is for students with basic knowledge of English. When they begin the semester, PI students know the English alphabet and some grammar rules of English. They can read short passages in English and can write sentences. During the semester, PI students develop their skills and confidence in reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

  • Intermediate (Int): In Intermediate level, students build a solid foundation in English. By the end of this level, they know the fundamentals of English grammar; can read articles, stories, and short textbook material; can understand spoken English in a variety of situations; and can communicate most of their ideas in spoken English.

  • High Intermediate (HI): By the end of High Intermediate level, most students have enough English to succeed in undergraduate classes at a university in the United States. They can read introductory-level textbooks, write essays on general topics, and listen to lectures and take notes in a variety of fields. They have reviewed and practiced the essential rules of English grammar.

  • Advanced (Adv): Students who complete our Advanced level are usually ready to begin their undergraduate or graduate studies at a university in the U.S. They can read full-length books, write well-organized essays, listen to university lectures and take notes. They are familiar with most of the rules of English grammar and sentence structure and can apply these rules to express their ideas while speaking and writing.
Please note that not every level is available every ELI session. Please e-mail the ELI Office at to see which levels are currently available.

EAP Classes

Classes at Every Level

At the Pre-Intermediate and Intermediate levels, we offer four classes: reading, writing, listening, and grammar. At the High-Intermediate and Advanced levels we also offer a speaking class. Although the focus of these classes becomes more difficult from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced, the general goals for each level are the same.

Reading: In our EAP reading classes, you learn to:
  • build your vocabulary
  • increase your reading speed and fluency
  • read successfully for different purposes
  • develop efficient reading strategies
Writing: In our EAP writing classes, you learn to:
  • write comfortably and confidently in English
  • write for a variety of purposes and readers
  • express your ideas clearly and correctly
  • develop effective composing strategies
Listening: In our EAP listening classes, you learn to:
  • develop strategies to comprehend spoken English
  • understand different types of spoken English, from short conversations to interviews and lectures
  • take notes on important information
Grammar: In our EAP Grammar classes, you learn to:
  • understand and use the meaning, form, and usage rules of English grammar
  • self-correct when you are speaking and writing


  • speak fluently and correctly
  • speak in a variety of context
  • present to various audiences