EAP levels of proficiency and courses

To be admitted into the EAP Program, you must already have some basic knowledge of English. There are many ways you may have this knowledge: by taking English classes in high school, a university or in a language center in their home country; or by taking classes or living in the U.S. or another English-speaking country.

Three Levels of Proficiency

At the beginning of each semester, we give placement tests to all new students. These tests show us your ability and help us decide which level of class is the best for you.

We offer classes at three different levels:

  • Intermediate (Int): In intermediate level, you build a solid foundation in English. By the end, you will: know the fundamentals of English grammar; be able to read articles, stories, and short textbook material; will understand spoken English in a variety of situations; can communicate most of your ideas in spoken English; gain exposure to and practice with TOEFL iBT-style skills and timed tests.

  • High Intermediate (HI): By the end of High Intermediate level, you should: have enough English to succeed in undergraduate classes at a university in the U.S.; be able to read introductory-level college textbooks, write essays on general topics; listen to lectures and take notes in a variety of fields; and you will have reviewed and practiced the essential rules of English grammar. You will have effectively practiced TOEFL iBT-style skill sets and timed tests.

  • Advanced (Adv): Upon completion of our Advanced level, you are usually ready to: begin undergraduate or graduate studies at a university in the U.S.; read full-length books, write well-organized essays, listen to university lectures and take notes. You will be familiar with most of the rules of English grammar and sentence structure and be able to apply these rules to express your ideas while speaking and writing. You will have effectively practiced TOEFL iBT-style skill sets and timed tests.

Please note that not every level is available every ELI session. Please email the ELI Office to see which levels are currently available.

EAP Classes

Offered classes include: reading and vocabulary, writing, speaking and listening, and grammar. Although the difficulty increases in each level, the general goals are the same.

All our classes include preparing you for the TOEFL iBT and for university/academic level proficiency.

Reading: In our EAP reading and vocabulary classes, you learn to:

  • Analyze appropriately leveled academic literature
  • Increase knowledge of academic vocabulary from the academic word list (A.W.L.)
  • Practice TOEFL iBT skill sets and gain exposure to timed TOEFL iBT-style standardized tests
  • Develop efficient reading strategies
  • Increase your reading speed and fluency

Writing: In our EAP writing classes, you learn to:

  • Write in English for academic settings, where ideas must be presented in a clear, well-organized manner
  • Write single and multi-paragraph papers that require combining information heard in (classroom) lecture with information read in (classroom) textbooks or other materials
  • Write essays and journal entries that express and support opinions
  • Gain mastery over essential writing skills and the spelling of common written vocabulary

Speaking and Listening: In our EAP speaking and listening classes, you will:

  • Actively practice speaking and listening in English
  • Perform both timed and untimed tasks that integrate speaking and listening together and with reading
  • Perform oral tasks, both timed and untimed, whose topics require students to draw on personal experiences, campus-based situations, and academic content
  • Execute TOEFL iBT suggested speaking (independent, integrated, and group) activities to build speaking fluency
  • Engage in academic listening for basic comprehension, pragmatic understanding, and connecting and synthesizing information
  • Take notes while listening in academic and social contexts
  • Pronounce words, thought groups, and sentences in English with typical stress patterns

Grammar: In our EAP Grammar classes, you learn:

  • Verb tenses and other grammatical structures
    • How to recognize form, meaning, and function
    • Understand and use accurately in spoken and written english
    • How to use in isolation and with other verb tenses and grammatical forms
  • TOEFL iBT speaking requirements and practice for oral grammar assessment
  • To write paragraphs with correct usage and structure
  • To self correct when you are speaking and writing