We regret that due to COVID-19, the English Language Institute will not be enrolling students, offering tutoring, or conducting U-ADEPT testing until January 2022, at the earliest.

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The University of Akron Developed English Proficiency Test: The U-ADEPT

Constructed in 2004, The University of Akron Developed English Proficiency Test, or U-ADEPT, assesses the speaking ability of international teaching assistants at The University of Akron. Graduate students who pass the U-ADEPT are certified as proficient enough in spoken English to provide classroom-related services in their graduate departments.

Please note: This test is only for use by The University of Akron. The scores cannot be sent to other universities.

What is the Purpose of the U-ADEPT?

In 1986, the State of Ohio passed a law requiring that each state university certify the adequacy of the English language proficiency of teaching assistants (TAs) who provide classroom instruction. The law mandates that universities establish an oral English assessment program for TAs and ensure that no TA engage in classroom teaching until he or she has attained the desired level of proficiency.

How to demonstrate spoken English spoken

With the adoption of the U-ADEPT, The University of Akron allows prospective international teaching assistants to demonstrate their ability in spoken English in one of two ways:

  • With a passing score on the U-ADEPT.
  • With a score of 23 or higher on the speaking section of the Internet-based TOEFL Test, which is administered by Educational Testing Services.

About the test

Two ELI faculty members administer the U-ADEPT, interacting with the test-taker throughout the 40 minute assessment. See more details for test takers.

The U-ADEPT consists of four sections:

  • A warm-up
  • Two informal discussions (3 minutes each)
  • Two role plays (3 minutes each)
  • Teaching simulation (15 minutes)

Please note: The U-ADEPT is only offered as an in-person, face-to-face assessment. It cannot be administered through video or phone.

Testing schedule, registration and fees

The U-ADEPT is administered by the ELI at various times throughout the calendar year. For current dates, visit the Testing Schedule page.

Test-takers should expect to take 75 minutes to complete the pre-test paperwork and the test.


  • To register and reserve a time for the U-ADEPT, you should call 330-972-7544 or e-mail ua-eli@uakron.edu at least 48 hours before your preferred test date and time. When you call or e-mail, please provide your name, your address, your phone number, your e-mail, and the name of your department at The University of Akron.

  • To hold your reserved time, you must pay for the test when you register. The cost for the test is $125.00.

  • If you do not pass the U-ADEPT and wish to take it again, you will be allowed to schedule a second test session 6 months after the first.

Test scoring and results

The U-ADEPT is scored holistically by two test administrators. The test distinguishes 5 levels of speaking proficiency: Near Native, High Pass, Pass, Inadequate Oral Proficiency, and Lack of Oral Proficiency.

In addition to the holistic score, which indicates pass or fail, U-ADEPT test-takers receive useful diagnostic information about their speaking performance. This diagnostic information includes analytical scores about the test-taker's:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Language use
  • Comprehensibility
  • Communicative competence and fluency
  • Teaching skills

The results score reports are sent to the test-taker, within 24 to 48 hours after the test administration. Score reports are also sent to their graduate department, and the Graduate School.