Dr. Eric Birdsall

Dr. Eric Birdsall

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: English
Phone: 330-972-6858
Email: ebirdsall@uakron.edu
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Eric Birdsall came to Akron in 1987 and served seven years as department head. His academic interests include British Romantic poetry and fiction, British literature of the late eighteenth century, detective fiction, and the relationships between film and literature. He is editor of Descriptive Sketches in the Cornell Wordsworth edition and has published articles on Wordsworth, Whitman, composition, Schlesinger's Midnight Cowboy, and Bogdanovich's Daisy Miller. He has held grants and fellowships from the American Philosophical Society and the Penn State University Institute for Arts and Humanistic Studies.



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  • Descriptive Sketches by William Wordsworth, ed. Eric Birdsall, with the assistance of Paul M. Zall.  Ithaca, N.Y.Cornell University Press, 1984.  [Volume 2 in The Cornell Wordsworth edition.]


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Ph.D., Johns Hopkins