Dr. Amanda Booher

Dr. Amanda Booher

Title: Assistant Professor, Director, Certificate in Professional Communication
Dept/Program: English
Phone: 330-972-6465
Email: abooher@uakron.edu


Dr. Booher specializes in the rhetorical, theoretical, and medical relationships of bodies and prosthetics. Her research interests include medical and scientific rhetorics; medical humanities and bioethics; theories of bodies, genders, and (dis)abilities; cyborgs, somatechnics, and post-humanism. Her areas of teaching expertise include Professional Writing; Disability Studies; Rhetoric and Theories of Science, Technology, and Medicine; Gender Studies; and Rhetorical Theory and Practice. 

Dr. Booher's collection Feminist Rhetorical Science Studies: Human Bodies, Posthumanist Worlds (co-edited with Julie Jung) was recently published by SIUP.

Amanda Book

For more information, please visit works.bepress.com/amanda_booher/ 



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  • Ph.D., Rhetorics, Communication and Information Design; Clemson University,
  • M.A., English; Case Western Reserve University
  • B.A., English & Music; Case Western Reserve University


Undergraduate: Composition (111, 112); Composition Online (111, 112); Business Writing (275); Professional Writing I (390); Professional Writing II (391); Unclass: Swimming with the Sharks (489/589)

 Graduate: Unclass: Swimming with the Sharks (489/589); New Directions in Teaching Writing (Online, 610); Science Writing (677); Disability Studies (689)