Dr. Janet Bean

Dr. Janet Bean

Title: Director, Institute for Teaching and Learning; Associate Professor
Dept/Program: OAA, English
Office: Leigh Hall 407
Phone: 330-972-6462
Email: jbean@uakron.edu
Curriculum Vitae: Download in PDF format


Janet Bean serves as director of the Institute for Teaching and Learning. She also teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in composition studies in the English Department. Her research interests include writing pedagogy, general education, assessment of student learning, and faculty development.


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  • “Composing Academic Identities: African-American Students as Language Researchers.” International Journal of Learning 12.8 (2006): 241-248. 
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  • “Should We Invite Students to Write in Home Languages? Complicating the Yes/No Debate.”  Composition Studies 31 (Spring 2003):  25-42.  With Marianne Cucchiara, Robert Eddy, Peter Elbow, Rhonda Grego, Rich Haswell, Patricia Irvine, Eileen Kennedy, Ellie Kutz, Al Lehner, and Paul Kei Matsuda.
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  • “An Approach to Critical Writing:  Begin with Contradictions.”  Literature and Life:  Making Connections in the Classroom.  Ed. Patricia Phelan. Urbana, IL:  NCTE,  1990.


Ph.D., University of North Carolina, Greensboro