Dr. Julie Drew

Dr. Julie Drew

Title: Professor
Dept/Program: English
Office: Olin 334
Phone: 330-972-7614
Email: jdrew@uakron.edu


Julie Drew is Professor of English. She teaches creative writing, film, cultural studies, and writing theory. Her research interests include new media, and the politics of education. Her creative work is focused primarily on children’s literature in print, audio, and podcast formats.



  • Breathe: Book 3 of The Tesla Effect. Novel. Seattle: Ring of Fire Books, 2015.
  • Run: Book 2 of The Tesla Effect. Novel. Seattle: Ring of Fire Books, 2014.
  • Glimpse: Book 1 of The Tesla Effect. Novel. Seattle: Ring of Fire Books, 2014.
  • Daughter of Providence: A Novel. New York: The Overlook Press.  August 2011.
  • Soundbite Saboteurs: Public Discourse, Education, and the State of Democratic Deliberation. New York: The State University of New York Press. March 2010 [Co-authored].
  • Punishing Schools: Fear and Citizenship in American Public Education. U of Michigan P, 2006 [Co-authored].
  • Landmark Essays on Advanced CompositionNew York: Hermagoras Press/Erlbaum, 1996.  [Co-edited.]

Chapters and Articles

  • “Wanting Ourselves: Writing and the Postsexual Subject.” Writing Posthumanism. Ed. Sidney I. Dobrin. Anderson, SC: Parlor Press, 2015.
  • “Identity Crisis: Gender, Public Discourse, and 9/11.” Women and Language. Special Issue: War, Language and Gender. Vol. XXVII No. 2 (Fall 2004): 71-77.
  • “The Politics of Place: Student Travelers and Pedagogical Maps.”  Ecocomposition: Theoretical and Pedagogical Approaches.  Eds. Sidney I. Dobrin and Christian WeisserNew York: State U of New York P, 2001.  57-68.
  • “(Teaching) Writing: Composition, Cultural Studies, Production.”  JAC 19.3 (1999): 411-429.
  • “(Re)envisioning the Dissertation.”  College English 61.1 (1998): 56-66.  [Co-authored]
  • “Cultural Tourism and the Commodified Other: Reclaiming Difference in the Multicultural Composition Classroom.”  Review of Education/Pedagogy/Cultural Studies 19.2 (1997): 297-309.
  • “The Discourse of Academic Reform and the Myth of the Universal Teacher-Subject.”  Composition Forum 8.1 (1997): 10-20.
  • “Guessing Games: Envisioning Audience for Dialogic Pedagogies.”  Composition Studies 24.2 (1996): 61-71.
  • “Doing Time in College Composition.”  Teaching English in the Two-Year College 23 (1996): 95-100.

 Scholarly Interviews

  • “Cultural Composition: Stuart Hall on Ethnicity and the Discursive Turn.”  Race, Rhetoric, and the PostcolonialNew York: State U of New York P, 1998.  205-239. [Reprint]
  • “Cultural Composition: Stuart Hall on Ethnicity and the Discursive Turn.”  JAC 18.2 (1998): 171-196.

Response Essays

  • “Making Arguments: A Response to ‘Writing with Intent: A Conversation with Janisse Ray’.”  Writing Environments: Rhetoric, Texts, and the Construction of Nature.  Eds.  Sidney I. Dobrin and Chris Keller.  State U of New York P, 2005.  137-142.
  • “The Personal is Rhetorical: Ethos, Politics, and Narrative.”  JAC 22.2. (2002): 399-404.
  • “On Critique, Cultural Studies, and Community: a regular sort of reply to Victor Vitanza.”  JAC 19.4 (1999): 704-706.
  • “The Politics of Persuading: Ernesto Laclau and the Problem of Discursive Force.”  JAC 19.2 (1999): 292-297.

Book Reviews (Scholarly)

  • “Rev. of Public Spaces, Private Lives: Democracy Beyond 9/11. College Literature 32.3 (Summer 2005): 194-196.
  • “Rev. of Chomsky on Miseducation.”  JAC 21.4 (2002): 922-926.
  • “Rev. of Reason to Believe: Romanticism, Pragmatism, and the Teaching of Writing.”  Rhetoric Review 17.2 (1998): 357-360.
  • “Rev. of Constructing Knowledges: The Politics of Theory-Building and Pedagogy in Composition.”  Teaching English in the Two-Year College 26.1 (1998): 89-90.
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  • “Rev. of Living Dangerously: Multiculturalism and the Politics of Difference.”  Cultural Studies 10.3 (1996): 533-535.
  • “Rev. of Political Literacy: Rhetoric, Ideology, and the Possibility of Justice.”  Composition Forum 6 (1995): 100-102.
  • “Rev. of Literacy, Ideology, and Dialogue: Towards a Dialogic Pedagogy.”  Composition Studies 23 (1995): 114-116.

 Popular Press Essays

 Popular Press Book Reviews (Fiction)

  • “Chima’s Latest Fantasy Thriller as Rich as the Two that Preceded It.”  Rev. of Cinda Williams Chima’s The Dragon HeirThe Plain Dealer.  Sunday, August 10, 2008.
  • “Writer Should’ve Imagined a Better ‘Me’ in ‘Me and You.”  Rev. of Billy Mernit’s Imagine Me and YouThe Plain Dealer.  Sunday, May 11, 2008.
  • “Fun Read as Murder Engages Wollie Shelley, Again.”  Rev. of Harley Jane Kozak’s Dead ExThe Plain Dealer.  Sunday, August 5, 2007.
  • “Epic Story Explores Religion’s Link to War.”  Rev. of Tim Willock’s The ReligionThe Plain Dealer.  Sunday, May 13, 2007.


Ph.D., University of South Florida


Undergraduate: Honors Composition (112); Composition (112); Composition Online (112); Critical Reading and Writing (300); Creative Nonfiction (381); Popular Culture (389); Women and Film (481); Intro to Fiction Writing (278); YA Fiction Writing (489)

Graduate: Women and Film (589); YA Fiction Writing (489); Literacy in Contexts (689); Theories of Composition (673);  Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice (660)