Scholarships for Continuing Students (2018-19)


General, Honors, Valedictorian/Salutatorian, and Akron Public School Scholarships are automatically renewed based on the criteria outlined in your original scholarship award letter.

Submit the Continuing Student Scholarship Application each year by May 1 to be considered for other private/named (including endowed) scholarships awarded by the Office of Student Financial Aid. This application is required each year to be considered for renewal. Please note that renewal is based upon availability of funds.

Additional scholarships may be available from other UA departments and external sources. Each scholarship process is different. Follow the links below for detailed information and instructions.

Other Scholarship Resources
There are a number of free and recommended websites that students can use to search for scholarship opportunities outside of The University of Akron. Outside scholarships received should be reported to the Office of Student Accounts.

Scholarship cap

UA strives to address the financial needs of as many students as possible.

By setting a scholarship maximum ("cap"), the University is able to help more students achieve their goals by distributing scholarships broadly to a greater number of students. Scholarships awarded by the University, including general institutional scholarships and private/named and endowed scholarships are all subject to the established scholarship cap.

A student's combination of all University-awarded scholarships for the year cannot exceed the cap which is determined when they enter the University as a freshman.

For freshmen students who entered in Fall 2017, the scholarship cap is $11,000 annually.

For more about the cap, please contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

Ways that tuition dollars can be applied

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