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Tuition & Scholarships for International Students

Tuition and personal costs

Estimated annual expenses:

Tuition & fees $16,000
On-campus room & board * $11,220 (see source)
Health insurance $1,100
Books $1,000
Total $29,320

* The University offers many housing and dining options. The room-and-board charges are estimated using mid-range costs for housing and the most popular meal plan (board), providing two meals a day.

If you bring dependents [spouse and/or child(ren)], add $3,315 per dependent to the total.

Residency: In general, international students are considered out-of-state residents for their entire college career. If you are an international student with certain special situations, please visit in-state residency for more information.

Tuition and fees details


If you are applying for Spring 2019 Semester scholarships, go here for applicable scholarship information. For all future scholarships use the information on this page.

Scholarships for New Freshman

In addition to our already very affordable cost of attendance, The University of Akron offers a variety of scholarship packages for international students to help them pursue their education.

For new freshman only, the following three scholarships are offered and will be available starting Fall 2019*:

To be considered for scholarships, all students must provide official ACT or SAT scores as part of the application.

Akron Guarantee Scholarship

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship (AGS) is awarded at levels between $500 and $6,500 in the first year. What makes the AGS unique is that it is guaranteed all four years (as long as you maintain a 2.0 GPA) and it increases in value for every 30 credits completed:

30 credits (1 year):  $1,500 increase
60 credits (2 years): $1,000 increase
90 credits (3 years): $1,000 increase

Chart showing traditional offer

Let's first look at a traditional scholarship offer (left).

For a freshman, your grades could drop below the scholarship’s minimum GPA requirement. This means the scholarship was not renewed. Now a student world have to pay thousands of dollars more for tuition in years 2-4.

With the Akron Guarantee Scholarship (right), the scholarship is guaranteed as long as you maintain a 2.0 at UA, and it increases every year for four years, rewarding you for your success. Now you have a better chance of graduating in four years.

How to Apply

  • You will be automatically considered for the AGS using the information provided on your admission application, this includes your SAT or ACT scores. In other words, there is no separate application for the Akron Guarantee Scholarship.
  • The AGS application deadline is May 1st for fall semesters and October 1st for spring semesters.

After you Apply

  • The decision about your scholarship will be made by the Office of Student Financial Aid.
  • A scholarship letter will be sent to you by email within 2 weeks of receiving your admission decision.
  • The decision from Financial Aid will be final.

Akron Advantage

Akron Advantage is a tuition surcharge waiver.

Out-of-state recipients of the Akron Guarantee Scholarship (both international students and out-of-state American students) will automatically receive an annual $3,000 tuition surcharge waiver. So if you receive the minimum $500 Akron Guarantee Scholarship in the first year, you will save $21,500 in total cost of attendance in four years. If you receive the maximum $6,500 in the first year, you will save $45,500 in total cost of attendance in four years.

  • There is no separate application.

Akron International Scholars Award

The Akron International Scholars Award (AISA) is a full tuition, room and board scholarship awarded to ONE outstanding applicant who also demonstrates a significant financial need.

How to Apply

  • Complete the application below.
  • AISA applicants may apply with unofficial documents (transcript, English proficiency test, SAT / ACT tests, etc.) to avoid the cost in submitting official documents.
  • Send the unofficial documents and completed application to: International Recruitment
  • AISA is only available for fall semesters. The application deadline is Feb 15th.

Download the application

After you Apply

  • The AISA recipient should receive notification by the first week of March.
  • Applicants who are NOT selected for AISA will also receive a notification.
  • If you are not selected for AISA you will also NOT be evaluated for admission, unless your financial situation has changed and you want to continue to be evaluated. Then, please let us know by emailing.

Scholarships for International Transfer Students

Akron Guarantee Scholarship

The Akron Guarantee Scholarship (AGS) is also available for international transfer students with a different initial amount. Your initial award will be determined by your college GPA. Then at the end of the academic year, your progress will be evaluated to determine an increase in your scholarship.

Increases will occur once a year at the end of the spring semester, based on the number of credit hours earned, including transfer credits.

Initial Award:

  • 3.5 or higher GPA earns an award of $2,000
  • 3.25 to 3.49 GPA earns an award of $1,500
  • 3.0 to 3.249 GPA earns an award of $1,000

End of Spring Semester Increase:

  • 30-59 credit hours earns an increase of $1,500
  • 60-89 credit hours earns an increase of $1,000
  • 90 or more credit hours earns an increase of $1,000


If you transfer from U.S. University/College:

When do you want to start? Submit your application by: Submit your transcript, application fee and all required items by:

Spring Semester

Nov 15 Dec 1
April 15 May 1
Fall Semester
June 15 July 1

If you transfer from a Foreign University/College:

When do you want to start? Submit your application, application fee and all required items by:
Spring Semester
Oct 1
Fall Semester
May 1

Other Scholarships

  • The Gorazde International Student Fund, for Eastern European students.
  • The Samir and Salma Gibara International Business Fellowships
  • Canadian Friends of The University of Akron


Contact us with any questions about the scholarships for international students.

International Recruitment
Call: +1 330-972-4930