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Admissions for undergraduate international students

This page is for undergraduate degree applications (bachelor’s and associate). For graduate degree information (master's, law and Ph.D.) click here.

Admissions information

We understand that attending college far from home can be both exciting and overwhelming. The University of Akron (UA) has students enrolled from 70 countries, and it is our mission to support you before and after you arrive here. We hope you soon feel at home here at UA.

About admissions

We take a holistic approach to the application review process. We consider a variety of factors when reviewing applications and additional materials and making an admission decision.

Please review the following information to learn more about the process to apply, including requirements, deadlines and more.

Admissions details

International application deadlines

Semester you wish to begin Apply by this date
Fall June 1
Spring October 1

When do semesters start? See here


  1. First-time international students typically are not eligible to enroll during the summer semesters.
  2. If required documents arrive after the deadline, your application may be deferred to the following semester.
  3. The University of Akron operates on a rolling admission basis. You will be notified of your admission decision after all application documents have been received and reviewed. The decision will be posted in your applicant portal.

Semester (term) start dates

All undergraduate international applicants must provide proof of English proficiency by meeting the minimum score from one of the following acceptable tests. This requirement can be waived if you meet certain criteria.

Minimum requirements for English proficiency:

Test Minimum required
SAT (Evidence-based reading & writing) *test taken after March, 2016 500
ACT English 18
Duolingo English Test (DET) 95
CAE (Cambridge English: Advanced) 169
PTE 48
GTEC CBT/GTEC 1126/1135


  1. TOEFL, IELTS, SAT and ACT scores are valid for two years from the test date. The University of Akron accepts only valid test scores.
  2. All TOEFL results from ETS will be accepted. We do not accept Institutional TOEFL results or certificates from non-University of Akron Engllsh language programs.
  3. To send official test results directly from the test organizations to The University of Akron, please use the codes below:
    • TOEFL: 1829
    • ACT: 3338
    • SAT: 1829
  4. If you are a transfer student from a US college/university and have completed an approved college English Composition course with a final grade of C or better.

    Proof of English Proficiency can be waived if you meet one of the following situations:

    1. If you have completed or will complete 3 or more years of high school in one of the following exempt countries*

    English Exempt Countries

    • Anguilla
    • Antigua and Barbuda
    • Australia
    • Bahamas
    • Barbados
    • Belize
    • Bermuda
    • Botswana
    • Cameroon (southwest and northwest only)
    • Canada (except Quebec)
    • Cayman Islands
    • Dominica
    • England
    • Eswatini (Swaziland)
    • Fiji
    • The Gambia
    • Ghana
    • Grenada
    • Guyana
    • Northern Ireland
    • Republic of Ireland
    • Jamaica
    • Kenya
    • Kiribati
    • Lesotho
    • Liberia
    • Malawi
    • Malta
    • Marshall Islands
    • Micronesia
    • Montserrat
    • New Zealand
    • Nigeria
    • Niue
    • Palau
    • Papua New Guinea
    • Scotland
    • Seychelles
    • Sierra Leone
    • Singapore
    • South Africa
    • South Sudan
    • St. Kitts and Nevis
    • St. Lucia
    • St. Vincent and the Grenadines
    • Tanzania
    • Tonga
    • Trinidad and Tobago
    • Turks and Caicos Islands
    • Tuvalu
    • Uganda
    • Virgin Islands
    • Wales
    • Zambia
    • Zimbawe

    2. If you have completed or will complete 3 or more years of high school in a school whose primary language of instruction is English, as indicated by your official transcripts and high school profile.

    3. If you are in or have taken IB, A-level or AP curriculum and meet the follow requirements:

    • IB: score of 5 or above in the Diploma Program higher level or a minimum score of 6 in the standard level English language examinations
    • A-level: score of C or higher in English Language or English Language and Literature
    • AP: scored 3 or higher in English Language and Composition or English Literature and Composition
    • CLEP: score of 50 or above in College Composition

    Note before beginning:

    First time applicants must finish secondary school in your home country before the time they plan to enroll at UA to be eligible for admission.

    A student who has previously enrolled in a post-secondary college or university is required to apply to UA as a transfer student, even if they did not complete a program.

    1. Submit your application.

    2. Submit your additional credentials.

    Types of international students:

    First time students
    You are a high school student, or have completed high school or equivalent and have never enrolled in a college/university.
    You are taking, or have completed, classes at another college/university and want to complete your degree at UAkron. You may have already earned an associate degree and seek another, or a bachelor's degree.
    Post-baccalaureate (post-bac)
    You have an equivalent U.S. bachelor's degree and want to take more undergrad classes toward another degree.
    Exchange students are nominated by exchange partner institutions and will study for 1 or 2 semesters at UAkron.
    You attend another college/university and want to take a few classes at UAkron before returning to your college/university.
    Required Documents
    Official Secondary School Transcripts Official College/ University or Professional School Transcripts Official Proof of English Proficiency Official SAT/ACT
    First time student 1 Optional
    Transfer 2 Proof of secondary school graduation
    Post-Bac And proof of college degrees
    Guest/Transient 3

    1 First time student:

    • Must provide your (projected) date of graduation for application.
    • Proof of final graduation must be submitted before you will be permitted to register for classes.

    2 Transfer students:

    • A student who has previously enrolled in a post-secondary college/university is required to apply to UA as a transfer student, even if you did not complete a program.
    • Must submit supporting documentation for all earned degrees indicated on the application. Provisional certificates may be accepted pending the award of a degree.
    • If you have completed an approved college English Composition course with a final grade of C or better, you do NOT need to provide additional proof of English proficiency.
    • Our Transfer Equivalency Database lists the pre-approved transfer courses from universities/colleges around the world. If you do not find your college/university or your course(s), we highly recommend you provide course syllabi to assist the credit evaluation. You may email the digital copies of the syllabi, course descriptions, or program outline to or you can upload them to your applicant portal.

    3 Guest/transient students:

    • Please provide a transient permission form from the college/university you are attending that indicates you have approval to take classes at The University of Akron.

    Transcript Translation and/or Evaluation

    • If your transcripts are not in English, they must be officially translated. Original copies should be provided together with the translated versions.
    • A NACES Evaluation must be submitted. We accept evaluations from SpanTran, WES or ECE and other accredited members of NACES and AICE. You can find a list of accredited members on their websites.

    Official Documents

    • Official documents (including transcripts, test results, and diplomas/certificates) MUST be submitted for full admission, award of scholarships and the issuance of an I-20.
    • An official final transcript must be submitted before you can register for your second semester coursework.
    • We highly recommend that you should submit official rather than unofficial documents to avoid delay in your admission and immigration process.

    Information for students applying to begin in FALL 2024 or BEYOND

    SAT or ACT – The University of Akron is test-optional. The SAT or ACT is not required for admission or scholarship consideration for applicants.

    If you wish to have your test scores considered in the holistic admission review process, please send official test results directly from the test organizations to The University of Akron. Please use the codes below:

    • ACT: 3338
    • SAT: 1829

    As a part of your application to The University of Akron, you are required to submit a credential evaluation of your foreign education credentials. You may wish to consider using one of the NACES member companies listed below.

    Ordering Evaluations using SpanTran

    SpanTran is a NACES member company that has created a custom application and discounted rate for University of Akron applicants to receive a course-by-course evaluation of their non-U.S. transcripts. Please apply to SpanTran through this custom application.

    Ordering Evaluations using WES

    Please visit WES and select the following option:

    • Course-by-Course Evaluation

    Ordering Evaluations using ECE

    Please visit ECE and select the following option:

    • Course-by-Course Evaluation Report

    Carefully review the ECE official documentation requirements as they vary by country.

    When ordering your credential evaluations, be sure to designate The University of Akron as the recipient of all the credential evaluations. The electronic evaluation report will be delivered directly to The University of Akron.

    Transfer credits

    Go here to see how the following are evaluated:

    • how advanced placement (AP) tests
    • International Baccalaureate (IB) credits
    • transfer credits

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    Status of application:

    Contact the Office of Admissions at or 330-972-7100.

    Scholarships and financial assistance:

    Contact the Office of Student Financial Aid at 1-800-621-3847 or Chat Live with a representative.

    I-20 process and onboarding:

    Contact the International Center at