About The University of Akron Graduate School

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Graduate School Staff

Dr. Suzanne Bausch
Dean of the Graduate School

Dr. Marnie M Saunders
Senior Associate Dean

Ms. Deborah Phillipp
Director, Graduate Admissions and Student Services

Ms. Heather A Blake
Director, Graduate School Operations

Vision Statement

The Graduate School at The University of Akron seeks to facilitate the intellectual development, professional development, and community engagement of our graduate students and faculty as they harness their creative and scientific achievements to transform society.

Mission Statement

The Graduate School is charged with all matters related to graduate education.  The Graduate School serves to maintain the quality and affordability of and access to graduate education by providing oversight of rigor and effectiveness of graduate programming; communicate best practices and state requirements; and provide and support opportunities for professional development, community engagement, inclusion, and student well-being.   The Graduate School supports the programs in the education of diverse, intellectually curious, socially responsible, broad-minded graduates while promoting the accomplishments of our graduate faculty, students, and alumni throughout the region and beyond.