Careers for History Students

The study of the past not only prepares students for understanding the present but also enables them to acquire valuable skills that are applicable to many careers. A degree in history prepares students for a variety of jobs, including careers in education, law, business, writing, research, information management, politics, and other positions in government.

Our graduates—majors and minors—report that studying history taught them how to learn throughout their lives. The abilities to criticize, organize, and synthesize extensive materials and to write with clarity and precision are important qualities for success in a variety of jobs not directly related to history.

Professional historians need diverse skills because they often carry out multiple historical activities in their careers. Historians in museums manage and interpret collections of objects but are also called upon to serve as researchers, writers, editors, and educators. Similarly, archivists trained as historians will process and protect collections of historical source materials, but also need to research, educate, write, edit, and provide advocacy information.

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