Hower House and Museum Guild Board

Ann Cousins President.jpg Ann Cousins: President
Membership: 5 years

For the past 5 years, I have been a member of the guild and docent at Hower House. Prior to volunteering, I spent 10 years working just up the street at the Center for Child Development. We would often play on the grounds of the House and I would shop at the store on occasion. My grandmother had a large Victorian style home in southern Ohio with many cherished antiques; thus my love for the era and for all the beautiful furnishings and artifacts at Hower House! I’m excited to be able to share new ideas and work with our experienced board to help continue to enhance, showcase, and celebrate this wonderful place!

Tine 1st VP.jpg Tine Hreno: First Vice President
Membership: 7 years

I have volunteered at Hower House Museum for five years. I love that it’s the home of over 100 years of amazing women’s history. My two main goals have been to learn how to perform all the different volunteer roles and to help increase Hower House Museum’s role within the University of Akron community.

MELINDA S 1st VP.jpg Melinda Sedelmeyer: First Vice President
Membership: 10 years
I first walked through the doors of HHM about 8 years ago and was immediately in awe. The rich history, the family (how they are interwoven and connected with every other prominent Akron family and business of the day), the home itself with the amazing architecture and beautiful furnishings, drew me in. The accomplishments of the different Hower women, as well as the men, intrigue me as I continue to learn more of their story and just how important the Hower's were to the community of Akron and its growth. I am excited to be a small part of HH history and its journey in reaching forward to future generations.
Deb Thomas_.jpg Deb Thomas: Recording Secretary
Membership: 8 years

I don't remember when I started volunteering but I can explain how! My sister Kathleen offered to take me on the holiday tour. That is where I met Dot (Cellar Door Store) and she recruited me to work in the store! Also, I met a Guild Member and I asked her to give me a call if she needed someone to monitor - so I ended up doing both! The Hower House has been a part of my life for a long time. From 1974-75 I worked at the house as a student assistant for I.C.E. (University of Akron's Institute for Civic Education).

Jean Foust.jpg Jean Faust: Corresponding Secretary
Membership: 48 years

I've always had a love of the Hower House because of my family history as well as historical significance to the city and the University. The corresponding secretary position seems like a good way to remain involved while backing off major commitments. Positions held------pretty much you name it over the years!


Dona Cardone.jpg Donna Cardone: Program Chair
Membership: 6 years

My journey to the HHM started through my involvement in PTP - Progress Through Preservation. Since PTP reinforced my interest in historic homes and buildings, I joined the organization. Alice Christie, it’s Program Chair, then recommended involvement on the Hower House Museum Board. I became active in 2016 by sitting on the Program Events Committee. The Hower Hower Museum volunteers, as well as the small but mighty staff, never cease to amaze me through its programs, collections, and upkeep of HHM. I am proud to continue my board position to help keep HHM moving forward.

Betty Jo Scurei.jpg Betty Jo Scurei: Program Chair
Membership: 12+ years

I became aware of the Hower House when I was a student of Dr. Virginia Gunn. Our textile restoration class worked on the Hower House Clothing and Textile Collection. We may have been the first class to do so! I attended the first time the house was open to the public and was hooked. I started out giving presentations on textiles and needlework. Once I became a volunteer, I started to docent the tours as my knowledge of the home grew. The Victorian era is one of my favorite areas to study. (So I was right at home at the HHM!)

Kris Furgeson Treasurer.jpg Kris Ferguson: Treasurer
Membership: 22+ years

I have been on the Board or Guild for over 20 years, but I am not sure exactly how long! I originally got involved with the House because I love old architecture, but I have stayed involved because I want to help preserve a historical Akron hidden gem!