Delegation from India and Bhutan Visit the Miller-Becker Center for Professional Responsibility


A delegation of visitors from India and Bhutan met on Monday, Sept.27 with Director Frank Quirk and Faculty Director John Sahl of the Joseph G. Miller and William C. Becker Center for Professional Responsibility of The University of Akron School of Law. The members of the delegation are in high-level government positions in their respective countries.

The delegation came to this country under the auspices of the U.S. State Department Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.  The purpose of their visit is to examine and explore the principles of ethics and transparency in American government and issues of corporate responsibility in this country. They were hosted in Akron by the Akron International Friendship organization and guided in their visits by James Schilling.

Professor Sahl and Mr. Quirk reviewed for the members of the delegation the structure of the legal system in our country and the safeguards and institutions in place to promote high levels of ethical and professional responsibility among lawyers and judges in America. They addressed specifically the role that the Miller-Becker Center has played in enhancing public trust and confidence in the legal profession and judicial system through the Center’s programs and activities.

The meeting produced a lively discussion with the guests and provided opportunity for Mr. Quirk and Professor Sahl to answer many questions about ethical responsibility in our legal and judicial systems.