Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology Presented "The Impact of IP on Public Health" on Oct. 26


Akron Law’s Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology hosted an academic forum and expert public panel discussion on cutting-edge issues dealing with the impact of intellectual property on public health on Oct. 26.

Today intellectual property affects the prices of drugs, biologics and medical devices and the rights of physicians to use them. It affects doctors’ and patients’ access to records of health-care providers, including the hospitals and other organizations where they work and receive care. It even affects the rights of medical professionals to learn of risks and dangers to their patients, including exposure to chemicals in industrial and work environments. Panelists discussed these and other issues during the day-long events.

The expert panel consisted of Professor Frank Pasquale (Seton Hall School of Law), Professor Andrew Torrence (University of Kansas School of Law), and Professor Jim Chen (University of Louisville School of Law). The panel discussion, which was open to the public, was chaired by Akron Law Professor Katharine Van Tassel, who has extensive experience in health law issues and serves as the editor of the Health Law Prof Blog. Professor Van Tassel joined the Akron Law faculty this August after having taught at Western New England College of Law and St. Thomas University School of Law in Florida. One hour of free CLE was offered to registrants.

The panel discussion was preceded by the law school’s annual IP Scholars Forum, which was moderated by Akron Law Emeritus Professor Jay Dratler, Jr. In addition to Professors Pasquale, Torrance and Chen, the following professors participated in the academic forum:

  • Professor Frank Pasquale, Seton Hall School of Law
  • Professor Andrew Torrance, University of Kansas School of Law
  • Professor and Former Dean Jim Chen, University of Louisville School of Law
  • Professor Kathy Strandburg, New York University School of Law
  • Associate Professor Kara W. Swanson, Northeastern University School of Law
  • Associate Dean and Professor of Law Tim Hall, Louisville School of Law
  • Assistant Professor Yaniv Heled, Georgia State University College of Law
  • Professor Robert R. Reis, Co-Director of the Intellectual Property and Technology Concentration and the Director of the Technology Transfer Program, SUNY Buffalo Law School
  • Tom Folsom, Professor of Law Regent University School of Law
  • Jeff Samuels, Director, Center for IP Law and Technology and David L. Brennan Professor of Law, Akron Law
  • Jay Dratler, Jr., Goodyear Professor of IP, Emeritus, Akron Law
  • Samuel Oddi, Giles Sutherland Rich Professor of IP, Akron Law
  • Katharine A. Van Tassel, Professor of Law, Akron Law
  • Ryan Vacca, Assistant Professor of Law, Akron Law

A summary of the discussion will appear both online and in print as a “White Paper.”  Akron Law’s Professor Ryan Vacca has volunteered to serve as the first reporter and to prepare a draft for circulation and review. This summary will appear online no later than 60 days after the Forum and will be printed in the spring issue of the Akron IP Journal.

This event was live-tweeted. Visit Akron Law on Twitter or search the hashtag #akronlawip .