Judge Paul Redmond Michel Joins Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology Advisory Council


The Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology is pleased to announce the addition of Judge Paul Redmond Michel to the Intellectual Property Advisory Council.

“We are delighted and honored that Judge Michel has joined our Council,” says Professor Jeff Samuels, director of the Center for Intellectual Property and Technology. “His judgment, experience, and expertise will prove invaluable in advancing the law school’s IP program.”

About Judge Michel
Judge Michel was an American federal judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit from 1988 until 2010, and served as its chief judge from 2004 until his retirement.

Judge Michel received a B.A. in 1963 from Williams College and a J.D. in 1966 from the University of Virginia. He was admitted to practice in Pennsylvania in 1967, in U.S. district court in 1968, in U.S. circuit court and before the U.S. Supreme Court in 1969.

He was assistant district attorney in the Office of the Deputy District Attorney for Investigations in Philadelphia from 1966-74, as well as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Army Reserve from 1966-72. From 1974-75 he was the Assistant Watergate Special Prosecutor, and from 1975-76 was assistant counsel to the United States Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. He then became the deputy chief and Koreagate prosecutor for the Public Integrity Section of the United States Department of Justice from 1976-88.

Judge Michel became the associate deputy U.S. attorney general in 1978, and in 1981 became counsel and administrative assistant to U.S. Senator Arlen Specter until his judicial appointment. He has also been adjunct faculty at the George Washington University Law School and John Marshall Law School since 1991.

Judge Michel was nominated to the Federal Circuit by President Ronald Reagan on Dec. 19, 1987 to fill a seat vacated by Judge Phillip Benjamin Baldwin. The Senate confirmed Michel’s nomination on Feb. 29, 1988, and he assumed the office on March 8, 1988.

Judge Michel retired on May 31, 2010, and Judge Randall Ray Rader succeeded him as chief judge.

About the IP Advisory Council
The Intellectual Property Advisory Council was formed in 2000 to alert the School of Law and its Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology to developments in the rapidly evolving field of intellectual property. The Council is made up of members who are experts in the field from around the nation and around the world. It serves an important role in advancing the IP curriculum, as well as fostering relationships with businesses and law firms, assisting students with career planning issues, and matters related to program and resource development. It has had great success in its efforts to propel the School of Law to the forefront of intellectual property expertise.

A foundation of excellence for the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology has been assured by the past and present support of alumni, friends, corporations and associations. Their altruistic spirit has, in perpetuity, established a foundation of academic excellence in intellectual property at Akron Law for students and the legal profession.

More specifically, the Council, which serves at the pleasure of Akron Law, shall have the following goals and objectives:

  • Advocacy: To promote the School of Law and the Center for Intellectual Property Law within the intellectual property law community.
  • Curriculum: To provide advice to the School of Law and the Center for Intellectual Property Law on such matters as curriculum development and faculty recruiting.
  • Dialogue: To arrange opportunities for structured and unstructured communications and involvement among students, faculty and the intellectual property law community.
  • Employment: To assist students in obtaining information regarding the practice of intellectual property law and in seeking employment.
  • Outreach: To advise and support the activities of the School of Law, vis-à-vis strategic alliances with external constituencies.
  • Philanthropy: To assist the School of Law in resource development, including the cultivation and solicitation of philanthropic resources.
  • Recruitment: To assist the School of Law in recruiting outstanding students

About the Center for Intellectual Property Law and Technology
The Center manages the Intellectual Property Law Program at Akron Law. Nationally respected, The Center administers one of the most comprehensive intellectual property programs in the country, offering more than 20 courses in the field. The Center also administers the law school’s Master of Laws in Intellectual Property program and the joint J.D./LL.M. program in intellectual property law.  The latter program enables students to earn both degrees in three years of full-time study, plus at least one summer session.  The Center also invites distinguished speakers to campus and hosts a highly successful annual symposium - the Richard C. Sughrue Symposium on Intellectual Property Law and Policy, as well as an annual IP Scholars Forum, and other events. Visit uakron.edu/law/ip to learn more about the Center.