The skyline of Hanoi, Vietnam


The University of Akron School of Law offers a unique study abroad program with Hanoi Law University in the capital city of Vietnam. This program is exclusively for Akron Law students. It is not open to students from other law schools. Participants will enhance their knowledge of Vietnamese history, the Vietnamese legal system and international law while enjoying an amazing cultural experience.

A busy street in Hanoi, where Akron Law students can study this summerHanoi, the capital (and second-largest city) of Vietnam, is the destination of the University of Akron School of Law’s Hanoi Study Abroad Program. The program begins with a required 2-credit spring semester course that will be taught in conjunction with a sister course, An Introduction to the U.S. Legal System, at Hanoi Law. Through the integration of into the online components of both courses, Akron Law students will exchange ideas and ask/answer questions with their Hanoi Law counterparts at Hanoi Law well in advance of the trip.

Registration and costs

Students intending to make the trip must register for the 2-credit spring course, The Vietnamese Legal System in Comparative Perspective, and the 1-credit summer course, Hanoi Study Abroad Program.

The cost of the trip is $2,800 (plus the cost of tuition). Scholarships of $1,000 are available if the non-refundable security deposit is paid by March 15. All students will depart on the same flight on Monday, May 18, 2020, and arrive in Vietnam on May 19. The program is scheduled to end May 31. Students who choose to do so may extend their stay in Vietnam or travel elsewhere on their own before returning home.

In Hanoi

Thanks to the 2-credti spring course, the 12-day Akron Law Hanoi Study Abroad Program affords students much more non-classroom time compared with many other study abroad programs. Scheduled activities (subject to change) include visits to:

  • the Vietnamese National Assembly
  • the Vietnamese Supreme People’s Court
  • the Ministry of Justice
  • an active trial at a trial-court level
  • the U.S. Embassy, and
  • the American Chamber of Commerce in Hanoi.

In addition, we will visit one or more international law firms and Vietnamese law firms in Hanoi. Some or all of these events will include participation by faculty and students from Hanoi Law University.

With prior faculty approval, students will have the option of conducting original research intended for the production of publishable work. Any students wishing to conduct such research should contact Professor Patrick H. Gaughan to discuss potential options.

Trip requirements

The minimum requirements to make the trip are:

  • successful completion of the two-credit spring course
  • a valid U.S. passport
  • all required inoculations
  • a tourist visa (which Akron will help students obtain), and
  • a signed contract to comply with all laws and regulations of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam.


  • Two men standing with a city skyline behind them

    Patrick Gaughan in Hanoi with Nguyen Van Quang, associate professor of law and head of the International Cooperation Department at Hanoi Law University.

    Patrick H. Gaughan is Associate Professor of Law and Assistant Dean of Global Engagement at Akron Law. He teaches Basic Business Associations, Corporations, Uniform Commercial Code Sales, Entrepreneurship, and Valuation of Firms & Intellectual Property. For the 2020 spring term, Professor Gaughan will be on a U.S. Fulbright Scholarship to Hanoi Law University. He has been working with Hanoi Law University administration and faculty since 2016 to establish multifaceted relationships between the two schools.
  • Gary Spring is Clinical Professor of Law and Director of the Small Entrepreneur and Economic Development (SEED) Clinic at Akron Law. Professor Spring teaches the SEED Clinic Legal Clinic Seminar and Clinical Seminar 1, Civil Procedure, and Negotiations.

Professors Gaughan and Spring will teach the 2-credit spring course and accompany the students while in Hanoi.


To register or to get answers to your questions, contact Professor Gaughan at or 330-972-7564